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"150 Ways To Bless Israel" Tour

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Our Successful Jan. 2018 “150 Ways
To Bless Israel” Tour

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The ICEJ Canada '150 Ways to Bless Israel' Tour was incredible! We are starting to post photos day by day - click, download, and share the ones you like best!

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× Reports Paster Giulio Lorefice Gabeli's Report ICEJ Canada Rep Gail Mobbs Tour Report

"Thank you so much for such an inspiring, feet on the ground tour! Seeing the smiles on all the peoples’ faces that were so blessed to see you because of your love for Israel. When people smile, God smiles. To God be the glory.” Darlene

“It was a very memorable experience in my life and brings me close to my precious Saviour. Thanking and praising you for all the facts and details as the Bible comes alive.” Roseline

“I would personally like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making it all come true. I’m amazed at the quality of everyone on staff and your volunteers. It’s wonderful to see all the different projects and the goodness it brings to each one. You seem to cover every demographic; Holocaust Survivors, Deaf School, Orphanage...across the board. Money well spent, giving a much better quality of life. Bomb shelters practical as well.” - Judy

“They (the Israelis) were blessed and so were we. Keep up the good works”! - Leah

“You guys are great - can I say it again, GREAT!” - Katy (MB Rep)

“The planning of this tour was so WELL planned. It gave me the opportunity to know what ICEJ is about and your projects. Remarkable experience. Tree planting was enjoyable. They (the Israelis) were so welcoming and thankful. Touches the heart.” - Myra

“GREAT! I love you all!” - Patricia

“ICEJ is a wonderful! Projects - life long beneficial to God and man. Thank you ICEJ!” - Yolande

“We both felt blessed to have support of ICEJ! You did/do such important and wonderful work for the Nation & People of Israel.” - The Chans

“It was an excellent tour overall…Give yourselves a 5 out of 5!” - Elaine

"It was a fun and enriching experience. You guys did a wonderful job! May God continually bless and keep you!”

“Thank you all, for the life changing trip and memories, that we will cherish forever. May the Lord use our experiences, words and pictures to share about His land and His people and the ongoing work of ICEJ!!!” - Tim and Stephanie

“Its hard to be specific as it was all highlights. Loved Jordan, Petra was magical, history of Jerash and the area so interesting and Mount Nebo was so special. In Israel I was so blessed to be walking the streets in the rain, a total blessing! Loved the beach in Tel Aviv and just driving through the Judean wilderness never ceases to amaze me.
Seeing our aid projects was great, going to the Embassy and listening to our co-workers was wonderful. I loved talking to the children at the school where we delivered the bomb shelter, they were so open and happy.
So you see, it's all highlights. But if I chose anything it would be the people, both in the land and those we travelled with, so many wonderful connections. Of course I'm always touched by Holocaust survivors and their home in Haifa.” - Catherine

“We were so blessed by what we saw and heard on the 150 Ways to Bless Israel Tour. We gained a much better understanding of ICEJ Canada’s work in Israel, placing the bomb shelter for protection of the children so close to Gaza surely was a highlight for us and meeting the Holocaust survivors another delight, such special contented people enjoying the results of ICEJ's efforts in assisting them.
Then visiting the Deaf School was also enlightening, it all was just so special. A highlight for me was seeing Dr. Jürgen Buhler in such good health, that was a wonderful thing to see such a huge answer to the prayers of the saints. I felt so deeply humbled by the grace of God demonstrated in his life, How Great Is Our God!! It is different to hear about the aid projects but then to see it before your eyes is marvelous. There was the site seeing as well, like Independence Hall, and Ben Gurian's home with all the books. Oh yes, and then the bird sanctuary in the Hula Valley was a real treat too, and the boat on the Sea of Galilee and the Baptisms etc. etc. all so wonderful. We have nothing to say other than it was all so good, thank you all so much for sharing with us this 150 Ways to Bless Israel.” - Jean & Allan

Everyone agreed…to the question: “At any time did you feel unsafe?”
“Never!” "Israel is the safest place in the world; their security is the best.” “It was not that scary after all. A lot of fake news.” “Come see for yourself; media exaggerate"

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