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2011 Isaiah 62 Prayer Archive

A Call to Fasting & Prayer in 2011

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Dr. Jurgen Buhler


As we move into the new year, the world, and in particular Israel, are facing some new and severe challenges. Here in Jerusalem we decided to start the year with a special period of prayer and fasting. There are some pressing issues which affect Israel and our ministry in the Land.

Israel currently faces an unprecedented tsunami of international hostility. An increasing number of mostly Latin American countries are setting a precedent in officially recognizing a Palestinian state, while at the same time the campaign to delegitimize Israel is gathering momentum. Above all looms the nuclear threat of Iran and a tense relationship with the present US administration.

Furthermore the moral and spiritual situation in Israel is alarming. Tel Aviv is being marketed as the “pink city” of Israel, officially inviting gay tourism to the holy land. Israel’s leadership is shaken by corruption and other scandals. The way in which Israel deals with minorities like Messianics, Arabs, Sudanese and all foreigners in general is of great concern. The recent ruling of 70 senior Rabbis in Israel not to rent property to non-Jews is alarming.

Of great concern is the current situation in the Republic of Ivory Coast. The country is in chaos with two rival presidents after a disputed recent election. The international community is backing the Muslim President over the incumbant and civil war may result.  This is a serious matter for us, as the Embassy rents its premises from the Ivory Coast.

Many more concerns could be added, including Israel's chronic water shortage and the daily challenges facing our own ongoing ministry here in Jerusalem. But whilst the world is moving into more difficult times, we are a people of hope. This motivates our prayers. God promises us through the Prophet Daniel: “…but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.”

Note the context of that promise! Daniel sees the climax of the end times with the Anti-Christ on the rise. But Daniel doesn’t see a defeated people of God - in the midst of it all he declares “those who know their God will carry out great exploits.” It is crucial therefore for us to know our God and to trust that He will continue to use us to carry out great exploits.

Therefore let us all draw closer to God! We decided to start the year with every Wednesday in January to be a day of fasting and prayer. Besides our regular staff devotions we will have Wednesdays three prayer meetings (morning noon and afternoon). On the last Wednesday January 26th we will conclude that special period with a 24 hour prayer watch and a joint all-night prayer vigil.

Our national directors around the world are planning to join us in that special time of prayer and fasting. Please make a commitment to pray with us on every Wednesday of the month of January.

Yours in Jesus,

Dr. Jürgen Bühler
ICEJ International Director

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