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Banquet with Special Guest Speakers

PITT MEADOWS BC Thursday September 17

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Come Celebrate our 40th


Dear Friend,

Thank you for your love, support and prayers for our ministry most especially as we celebrate our 40th Anniversary of standing for Israel and those most in need over the decades.

I want to tell you about one of the most important aspects of the ICEJ Canada branch is to enable Canadian Christian Young Adults (YA) Pastors and Leaders who have never been to Israel, to witness the Land of the Bible first hand.

How is it that many Bible students read and teach from the Word but have never walked where Jesus walked and ministered?

In 2006 we created and put to action a detailed application and selected our first 6 Bible students from Bible Colleges across Canada for our ICEJ Summer Hands-On Israel Experience.

We secured more funds in 2008 and selected our next 6 delegates but this time for the Feast of Tabernacles.

Without additional funds, we put the scholarship program...

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ICEJ in 2020:
Celebrating 40 years of service to Israel and God’s people
Christine Douglass-Williams


The International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem (ICEJ) is celebrating an exciting 40 th anniversary in 2020, capping four remarkable decades of tireless labor in service to Israel and God’s people. The centerpiece of the anniversary celebrations across Canada kick starts with a Young Adult ARISE Summit and speakers at Westwood Community Church in Coquitlam BC at the end of April.

The history of the Christian Embassy is an inspiring one of growth, faith and God’s loving faithfulness. God inspired through Canadian musicians Merv and Merla Watson, it all started in the summer of 1980 when the Israeli Parliament declared the city of Jerusalem to be the undivided, eternal capital of the State of Israel as established by King David almost 3,000 years earlier. Under the threat of an Arab oil embargo thirteen embassies moved from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv. A number of Christians living in Israel including the Watsons were hosting a Christian celebration during the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles. They sensed Israel's deep hurt over the withdrawal of the foreign embassies and felt the call of the Lord to open a Christian Embassy. In obedience, they followed His call and now, 40 years later, ICEJ has branches and representatives in over 90 nations with an outreach in 170 nations, making the ICEJ the world’s largest Christian Zionist organization. It continues to serve as a conduit of comfort and love in accordance with Genesis 12: 1-3 and stands as a prophetic voice to this generation concerning God’s unwavering plan to fulfill His covenant promises to the fathers of Israel.

Our Canadian branch is also a miracle. Donna Holbrook, National Executive Director of ICEJ Canada, was inspired by her late aunt Harriet Black to be involved and as it was, resurrected the work of ICEJ Canada in 2001 just as the former entity closed. “Aunt Harriet” as she is lovingly known to all, was a visionary, a Zionist and received the prestigious Order of Canada in 1985 for her dedicated community work.
Donna, with the support of her loving husband Richard, built up ICEJ from their Toronto home. Richard passed away last spring but his legacy lives on.

In this special 40 th year, ICEJ enjoys the fruits of decades of practical works of love through unique and unprecedented services, including assisting Jews making Aliyah. To date, ICEJ has assisted over 150,000 Jews return to their homeland! ICEJ also operates a Holocaust Survivors Home in Haifa, the first of its kind, caring for 80 Holocaust survivors by providing them with lodging, food, and free medical, dental and overall loving care. Working with Israeli authorities, ICEJ’s Aid programs provide social assistance and food for needy families, orphans and children, as well as for others affected by trauma and terror. ICEJ also has a unique historic relationship with Yad Vashem, the world Holocaust Centre in Jerusalem, forming the Christian Friends at Yad Vashem in 2006.

Critically important is that ICEJ confronts anti-Semitism worldwide through: accurate news reports and education, generating free daily and weekly news briefs via email, radio, and television. In Canada, regional teams offer free educational seminars for churches on Understanding Israel.

ICEJ is proud to educate Christians ongoing about Israel’s unique calling and the social and political challenges it faces. Best known for hosting the annual Christian Feast of Tabernacles, ICEJ draws thousands of pilgrims worldwide to Jerusalem for worship, prayer, teaching, touring and magnificent fellowship.

ICEJ’s tireless work has won praises and endorsements from Israeli leaders including Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who declared: “There are those who still deny the history of the Jewish people in this land. What these people refuse to say, you declare with pride, without hesitation, without reservation. Thank you for your moral clarity. Thank you for your solidarity. Thank you for supporting the one and only Jewish State.”

Jerusalem’s former Mayor Nir Barkat said: “Not everyone in the world seeks the best for Jerusalem. There are people that challenge our history. Sometimes we feel alone. But with courage we stand here. And your friendship is warming our hearts. I want to thank you for your prayers and your unprecedented support and passion.”

Menachem Begin, Israeli Prime Minister from 1977 to 1983, also praised ICEJ: “Your decision to establish your Embassy in Jerusalem at a time when we are being abandoned because of our faith was an act of courage and a symbol of closeness between us. Your gestures and acts gave us the feeling that we were not alone.”

ICEJ’s unconditional and tireless work on behalf of Israel has helped bridge a very large historic chasm between Jews and Christians, forming an abiding accord in a world that is experiencing a disquieting new wave of anti-Semitism.

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Support the extensive ongoing work and witness of the ICEJ by helping us fund our core activities in fulfilling our mandate to support Israel, connect the church, provide education and promote justice.

Donations allow us to maintain funding for emergency projects, and embark on new initiatives to support Israel in these critical days.

Thank you for your ongoing support of ICEJ Canada!


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