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Recent Issues of our Canadian Publications

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2016 Annual Report- Read more

Game Changer E-book- Read more

ICEJ Canada 2015 Annual Report - Read more

ICEJ Canadian Fall Newsletter - Read More

ICEJ Canadian Election Statement - Read More

August Newsletter 2015 - Read More

May Newsletter 2015 - Read more

April Newsletter 2015 - Read more

ICEJ Canada 2014 Annual Report - Read more

Biblical Christian Zionism “I say then, has God cast away His people? Certainly not! - Read more

An Important Message About the Theology Emanating from Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center - Read more

March Newsletter 2015 - Read more

ICEJ Press Release following Manhattan Court decision against Palestinian Authority - Read more

A Message from ICEJ Canada "Comfort, Yes comfor My people! says your God." - Read more

WFJ Nov/Dec Edition

February Newsletter 2015 - Read more

Share a little love with the covenant - Read more

WFJ Nov/Dec Edition

January Newsletter 2015 - Read more

ICEJ CANADA PRESS RELEASE: Incitement to murder against Jews in Canada and elsewhere must be stopped - Dec 11 2014 - (Read More)

November Newsletter 2014 - Read (PDF)

ICEJ Canada Giving Tuesday Media Release - (Read More)

Summer Newsletter 2014 - Read (PDF)

Annual Report 2013 Read (PDF)

February 2014 Newsletter - Read (PDF)

January 2014 Newsletter - Read (PDF)

December 2013 Newsletter - Read (PDF)

November 2013 Newsletter - Read (PDF)

October 2013 Newsletter - Read (PDF)

September 2013 Newsletter - Read (PDF)

August 2013 Newsletter - Read (PDF)

ICEJ Canada Spring/Summer Newsletter - Read (PDF)

Dina Kaufman Newsletter

Dina Kaufman Newsletter - Read (PDF)

April 2013 newsletter thumbnail

April Newsletter 2013 - Read (PDF)

Annual Report 2012 - Read (PDF)

Februrary 2013 Ebulletin Thumbnail

Februrary Newsletter 2013 - Read (PDF)

January Newsletter 2013 - Read (PDF)


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In honour of Canada’s 150th celebration, we invite you to join us in any one or more of our goals throughout 2017 in finding 150 ways to bless Israel from Canada!

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