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In the Middle of the Storm, God speaks!


“Even when we are right in the middle of the storm, God always wants to know, ‘How is my son?’ and ‘How is my daughter?’” said Mr. Soler.

The Soler Family endured two hurricane storms that wreaked havoc on their city in Puerto Rico, and caused severe damages to the Christian dance studio they own and operate. The second hurricane hit their city only days before they were planning to fly to Israel for the 2017 Feast of Tabernacles, to serve as leaders for the Feast’s Dance Company.

We encourage you to listen to God speaking to you in the midst of the storm, and let nothing hold you back from walking in the fullness of what God has for you!

With great thanks to God for His faithfulness and what He has done in your life, consider giving a thank offering to the Lord for this Feast of Tabernacles!


Come up to Jerusalem this year!

Since 1980, Christians from all over the world have come to Jerusalem each fall to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles, sponsored by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. We invite you to come up to Jerusalem for the 2018 Feast of Tabernacles "Dare to Dream" celebration from September 23rd- 28th!

Join us in dreaming with our God here in Israel!

Register today!

ICEJ Haifa Home - Miriam

Miriam was born in a town on the German border of Poland. Just five days after the war broke out, on September 6th,1939, the Nazis arrived in her town. In the winter of 1939, the Jews in Miriam’s town were transported to Ghetto Lodz in a journey lasting two days in freezing and inhumane conditions.

During that horrible winter, Miriam’s family lived on a makeshift straw floor out in the street. A month later they were ordered to walk back at night to her hometown on the German border, where another Ghetto had been set up. 

In 1944 Miriam was transported to Auschwitz-Birkenau, a place, which she tells is impossible to put into words. Both the initial chaos on arrival and the ensuing months surrounded by death are beyond the realm of human language. The camp was liberated in the spring of 1945, and Miriam would begin her journey to Palestine. Miriam’s parents and most of her siblings did not survive. Only Miriam and one sibling survived. 

Following the end of the war, Miriam took a ship called the ‘Biria’ in the direction of Palestine, with the dream of building a new home in a Jewish homeland. The conditions on the ship were very tough.The day that the State of Israel was declared, Miriam recalls dancing ecstatically on the streets. After so many years of living a nightmare, the dream of the Jewish people had finally been realized. During her time in Israel she has also been able to see her family grow, and is now a proud mother of 3, grandmother of 9, and great grandmother of 7.

Miriam has been a resident of the ICEJ Haifa Home for Holocaust Survivors for the last 2 years. Hear firsthand what living in the home means to her. 

To show your Christian love and support to Judith and other Holocaust Survivors, go to and be a blessing today!                

ICEJ Haifa Home - Judith

Judith was only 9 years old when the Germans invaded Czechoslovakia in 1939. Her family lived in a Christian area and were the only Jewish family living there. In March, 1942 her family was sent to Theresienstadt (Terezin, Czech Republic) and two years later they arrived in Auschwitz. Miraculously, Judith along with her sister and brother survived, but devastatingly her mother and father died in the Holocaust.

On the 15th of May 1948, Judith arrived in Israel, which was a only 1 day old. Upon arriving in Tel Aviv, they were bombarded by Egyptian planes which gave her and the other Holocaust Survivors flashbacks of the war they had just survived. Surviving not only the Holocaust, she endured many wars and still found strength to continue her life by marrying another Holocaust survivor, having three children, and raising them in Israel.

Judith has been a resident of the ICEJ Haifa Home for Holocaust Survivors for the last 3 years. Hear firsthand what living in the home means to her.

To show your Christian love and support to Judith and other Holocaust Survivors, go to and be a blessing today!                

We Remember -

We take time to remember what took place on January 27th, 1945, when Auschwitz, the largest Nazi Death Camp was liberated by the Red Army. It has been 73 years since that day. 

Watch this video taken at the ICEJ Home for Holocaust Survivors and join us in remembering as we hear from Sara who lived to tell her story.

To find out more about the ICEJ Home for Holocaust Survivors and how you can be a blessing, go to                        

I am a Partner - Nidia's Story

Over 90 nations from across the globe come to Jerusalem to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles. Over 250 amazing individuals pour out their love, time, and service several weeks before the event even begins to make sure everything is ready for the week of the Feast. Hear how Nidia, from Argentina found a unique way to use her gifts to serve as a Feast Team Member.

To find out how you can be a blessing and join the Feast Team, go to                                                               

Surviving the Holocaust

From the small village of Turmont, Poland, to living her ultimate dream, watch as Rita Kasimow Brown shares her story of survival, art, and heritage. For more information on the Haifa Home for Holocaust Survivors, made possible by the ICEJ, visit                                                                   

New Year's Devotion from Jerusalem

Join Dr. Juergen Buehler at the First Station in Jerusalem as he shares a special New Year's devotion for 2018!

To learn more about the ICEJ and how you can be a blessing to the nation and people of Israel in 2018, go to                                                                             

Merry Christmas

Join Dr. Juergen Buehler in the hills overlooking Bethlehem as he shares a special Christmas devotion. 

Please pray about giving a special year end gift to the ICEJ that will touch the nation where Jesus was born, Israel! 

Send your special year end gift today!


Jerusalem Day 2017

As Israel celebrates Jerusalem's 50th year of reunification after its liberation from Jordanian occupation in 1967, we have a unique opportunity to send a Jubilee blessing to the city's mayor an express our support as Christians for continued Jewish sovereignty over their capital.

Go to to add your name!

Support the extensive ongoing work and witness of the ICEJ by helping us fund our core activities in fulfilling our mandate to support Israel, connect the church, provide education and promote justice.

Donations allow us to maintain funding for emergency projects, and embark on new initiatives to support Israel in these critical days.

Thank you for your ongoing support of ICEJ Canada!


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