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Christine Williams

International Award-winning Journalist and Television Producer

Christine Williams is a nine-time International Award-winning Journalist and Television Producer. As a current columnist, [among where] her writings have appeared: Jewish Press Online, Breaking Israel News, the Middle East Quarterly, USA Today Online, Wall Street online, Front Page Magazine, Jihad Watch, and the Hudson Institute. She also writes for the Gatestone International Policy Council where she has served on the Board of Governors.

Christine has recently launched her new book "The Challenge of Modernizing Islam", with forewards by Dr Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer and endorsements by Aayan Hirsi-Ali and Edwin Black. She is an appointee to the Office of Religious Freedom as an external advisor ( Dept. of Foreign Affairs Canada); and is on the anti-semitism task force for the Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust studies in Toronto. Christine also works as Public Affairs and Media Consultant for the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem Canada (ICEJ Canada) which has 80 offices globally. For the ICEJ Canada weekly program aired on Vision TV network, Christine is also Director and co-Producer.

In past, Christine has conducted over 1,700 live television interviews as a daily call-in Talk show Host on CTS-TV in Burlington, Ont. and was also the fill-in Host for the Christian Broadcast 100 Huntley Street, aired on CTS-TV and the Global Television Network. For this program, Christine also launched a daily news and information segment in a joint venture with the World Evangelical Alliance and Christian Post in Washington and New York. Christine launched four different programs on the CTS-TV network; one of them, a successful multi-faith investigative news magazine program “Faith Journal” which captured three international awards during her tenure as anchor and news producer. As a political and crime news reporter and newsroom editor, Christine has also worked as a regular national columnist and news analyst with Metro News (Owned by the Toronto Star). She was also a Senior Advisor to the Hudson Institute in New York.

"Conservative Authors in Canada"Hosted by Christine Douglas Williams

Articles and Blogs:

OUT NOW!BOOK: The Challenge of Modernizing Islam: Reformers Speak Out and the Obstacles They Face - BUY HERE
“The Challenge of Modernizing Islam” Forewards/Reviews from Daniel Pipes and Robert Spencer, endorsed by Aayan Hirsi Ali and Edwin Black:
Foreword: Why Islam's Reformers are Vitally Important - July 18th, 2017
Out now: The Challenge of Modernizing Islam, by Christine Douglass-Williams - July 17th, 2017


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Gallup study of church support for Israel - September 2, 2014

According to a Gallup  study, religion plays a large role in Americans' Support for Israelis. The research group concluded that “there are several possible reasons for the relationship between religiousness and support for Israelis. Many explanations focus on roles that Israel and Israelis play in the Bible, the centrality of the saga of the Israelites in the Old Testament, and the promises God made in the Old Testament to the ancient prophets that he would create a promised land for them. Some evangelical Christians also connect Israel to their views of the second coming of Christ at Armageddon.”

While Christians are urged to follow their religious beliefs, it is also imperative that Christians understand that Israel faces daily threats from Hamas and surrounding nations that do not recognize its right to exist and has sought its destruction from the day it was established in 1948 for unjustifiable reasons. It is not a “peace process” as termed, but a propagandist process that seeks Israel’s eradication based on the Charters of Hamas, the Palestinian Authority and Fatah.

The article How Church Attendance Affects American Attitudes toward Israel  by Middle East Scholar Dr. Daniel Pipes analyses the Gallup findings on Church attendance and Israel …..


Some Key Facts in Defense of the State of Israel  

Theme:    Genesis 12:3 “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee”.

Zionism means no more and no less, a belief in the right of Jews to have a state. That state is the State of Israel.

Many of you may or may not be aware of global efforts to attack the State of Israel, delegimatize it and falsely label, bully and stigmatize the Jewish people. This effort is alive, powerful and historic.

There is a movement called Israel Apartheid Week (IAW) that refers to Israel as an apartheid state. This philosophy is actively and heavily advanced on University campuses globally.  There is also a drive to punish the state of Israel economically, called BDS or Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. The premise of this “apartheid” label which gives rise to the BDS drive is that Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians is like the treatment of blacks under South African rule during the apartheid era.

Apartheid is a word that describes the conditions in South Africa that levied state sanctioned racism against blacks in the forms of racial segregation and treating blacks as an inferior class of people, which included: denying voting rights, severe discrimination in acquiring jobs,  inferior medical care, segregation in areas of education, public services, and in public social domains like beaches and public events.  The scourge of apartheid is mournful, blatant and an affront to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Israel has been branded “Apartheid” because of suffering and poverty in Gaza that relates to the ‘fence’.  The propaganda about the so-called Israeli “occupation” of the West Bank and a small area of Hamas-ruled Gaza that is poverty stricken is key to understanding the “Apartheid” label.   Israel, in fact,  has “occupied” these areas to defend its borders, regularly attacked by Hamas rocket fire.   The so-called “occupation” is not to subjugate Palestinians but to defend the state of Israel from obliteration.

Some facts:

  1. When the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) was established in 1964 under the leadership of Palestinian lawyer Ahmed Shukheiry at a conference in east Jerusalem attended by Arab foreign ministers, its founding manifesto stated that the purpose of its formation was “to attain the objective of liquidating Israel”.

  2. The Hamas charter calls for the obliteration of Israel as does the P.A. Charter, and the Fatah charter.

  3. Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian National Authority did his PhD in Holocaust denial

  4. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Mohammed Amin al-Husseini—a Palestinian Arab Nationalist-- worked with Hitler with a goal of obliterating the Jewish people.

  5. PLO leader Yasser Arafat was a young relative of al Husseini that admired him, trained under him, bore his mission and changed his name from al Husseini to Arafat.

The vast areas land that Israel captured in the 1967 defensive war has been mostly surrendered back, except for a very small percentage for security reasons; yet those groups and individuals that continue to seek the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people continue to attack with lies and with propaganda.

Some more facts:

  1. Israel is a haven for persecuted Christians, even from Sudan. 400-thousand Sudanese Christians were murdered for being black and for being Christian by Islamists, yet Israel takes in refugees.

  2. Arabs are not only allowed into mainstream society in Israel, but they are also allowed to hold positions in Israel’s Knesset (parliament), as well as high ranking jobs. They are also fully integrated into Israeli society and treated better than by Israel’s  neighbors.  

  3. The crowned beauty queen: 21 year old Miss Israel 2013 ,Yityish Aynaw, is a black Ethiopian.

Israel is not an apartheid state. It is not the state that murders Christians by the droves as we see in neighboring states. It is not a racist state as we also see in surrounding states and in Africa where blacks are still slaves in Mauratania, and people are murdered for being blacks and/or Christians. Israel is a haven for human rights and democracy which is an affront from neighboring Shariah (Islamic law) states.

Israel did not cheat any group out of land. Archeological evidence as confirmed a Jewish root to the biblical heartlands. While we value all of humanity and according to Christian teachings, we care about and embrace all of humanity, we are also responsible for furthering truth.  The innocent Palestinian people who are suffering need care, attention and rescuing, not from Israel, but from their own Hamas leadership that uses them to delegitimize Israel.

Who are the Palestinian people?  They are settlers from surrounding Arab regions. Here is a little history:

The name “Palestine” was given in the year 135AD following a second Jewish revolt after the ancient revolt and battle of Masada, for the purpose of dishonoring the Jewish presence in the Holy land. Before that date, it was called “Judah”.  In 636 AD during the battle of Yarmouk between the Rashidun Caliphate and Roman empire, Jews of the holy land were uprooted by Ottoman raiders and displaced.  

Jews have faced an historic battle for survival and as promised in Isaiah 11:12 “And He shall set up an ensign for the nations, and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth”.

The drive against Israel in the forms of BDS drives (Boycott, divestment and sanctions) is not in truth and justice. We need to support Israel in every way we can as a nation under attack by a global drive, spearheaded by historic enemies of Israel. 

December 11, 2014  PRESS RELEASE:

Christine Williams
Paul Merkley

The International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem stands in unison with the Canadian Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) in calling the heinous action by Meshwar newspaper editor Nizih Khatatba “disgusting, obscene, disgraceful and possibly criminal” in its incitement to terrorism. The Toronto Arab-language newspaper praised the mid-November synagogue murder of four rabbis and a police officer in the har Nof neighbourhood of Jerusalem.   Khatatba, a board member of Palestinian House, referred to the massacre as a “courageous and qualitative” operation.  Now CIJA is looking into laying a criminal complaint with police.

In 2012, the federal government defunded Palestine House for its "pattern of support for extremism".  Last year, its former head Elias Hazineh issued a call to shoot jews if they do not leave Jerusalem. 

In July the same paper Meshwa threatened that Toronto police prevented “a massacre” from taking place at Palestine House, where members of the Jewish Defence League staged a vigil and protest following the murders of three yeshiva students in Israel. Palestinian House also blared on loudspeakers translated: “If you advance, your grave will await you.”  Then in August the Meshwar paper referred in a piece to the “Holohoax” as “the biggest lie in history.” 

ICEJ asks the question:  why is this violent hatred and blatant anti-semitism being tolerated against the Jewish people? We support and urge government and legal action against such threats and incitement to violence.

April  2014  PRESS RELEASE:

By: Christine Williams
Jewish Tribune

The Palestinian Authority (PA) marked ‘Prisoners Day’ on April 17 by holding rallies throughout the West Bank in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails. It is not the only organization to do so.

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem – Canada expresses its deep disappointment in a statement by the World Council of Churches, which also expressed its solidarity with Palestinian prisoners “languishing in Jail.” Churches in the Holy Land were invited to “remember Palestinian prisoners through prayers and acts of solidarity that restore to them their freedom with justice and dignity.”

While the WCC statement references the Christian ethic of remembering all prisoners in a Christian spirit of kindness, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem – Canada recognizes the need and right of the state of Israel to protect its citizens from terrorism. We also stand in empathy for the victims of these terrorists and with their families who have suffered untold grief at the loss of their loved ones.

The PA actively encourages violence against Jews as heroic and necessary politically, while religiously, it is portrayed as Allah’s will.

Releasing Palestinian prisoners will not benefit the peace process as it is in the PA Charter to destroy Israel. Just before the turn of the new year, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned PA leader Mahmoud Abbas for referring to Palestinian terrorists in Israeli jails as “heroes.” Netanyahu stated that “murderers are not heroes” and added that, “peace can be achieved only when the education toward incitement and toward the destruction of Israel is stopped.” Abbas has declared that there is no way he will ever recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

Palestinians imprisoned in Israel for security and terror-related offenses specifically are being paid a monthly salary from the PA. The salary comes from the official Palestinian budget, which in part comes from the donations of Western countries such as Canada, the US and those in Europe. The budget for prisoners is reported to be $5 million per month. In addition, Palestinian prisoners who were convicted of killing Israelis and then released as a good will gesture by Israel were given at least $50,000 each by the PA; and a “comfortable” monthly salary. The PA even sponsors a summer camp for children named after terrorists.

Meanwhile, reports of torture of Palestinian prisoners by its own Palestinian security services “keep rolling in,” according to the deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch.

It is also perplexing what the WCC means by its call for “acts of solidarity.”



The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem Partners with StandWithUs to Combat Unjust “Israel Apartheid” Label

by Christine Williams

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem Canada (ICEJ) and StandWithUS (SWU) Canada sponsored recent events countering the branding of Israel as an apartheid state.  Beth Shalom and Beth Avraham Yoseph of Toronto Congregation’s (BAYT) adult education department featured Reverend Kenneth Meshoe, a member of the South African Parliament , president of the African Christian Democratic Party; and the chairman of the South African Israel Allies Caucus.
ICEJ Canada warmly welcomed to Toronto Reverend Meshoe who bravely advocates for truth in dispelling the Israel apartheid lie.  He has been a guest several times to the ICEJ’s Feast of Tabernacles event in Jerusalem which is the largest annual tourist draw in Israel that attracts thousands of Christians from over 100 countries.
Reverend Meshoe stated unequivocally in his speech that there is no apartheid in Israel .  He outlined legislation that must be in effect for a country to be deemed “apartheid” and Israel does not fit that criteria.
In his personal testimony Reverend Meshoe described the oppression under a true apartheid state as a black South African. He stated that no person of colour could vote or hold high government offices; the races were strictly segregated at sports arenas, schools, hospitals, public transportation, public washrooms, benches in waiting rooms; and that people of colour had inferior medical care, hospitals, and education.
Blacks were also forced to live in separate residential enclaves and if they violated that restriction by being found in a “wrong area”, Meshoe said, they were arrested.   They carried ID’s to show their place of residence at all times or they faced the penalty of being beaten or thrown in jail. In Meshoe’s solemn words:   "It created criminals out of blacks and restricted your movements." Marriage was also outlawed between different races.
In reference to Israel, Reverend Meshoe said the “Israel apartheid” label trivializes the real suffering of blacks under apartheid. He has visited Israel many times and said that he has never seen any evidence of apartheid.   In his reference to the "apartheid" wall, he called it the "security" wall.  "It is the responsibility of every government to assure the safety of its citizens" he said. 

(L to R – BAYT Rabbi N. Daniel Korobkin, Meryle Kates SWU Exec. Dir., Rev. Kenneth Meshoe, Donna Holbrook ICEJ Canada Exec. Director.)

Israel Apartheid week began in Toronto in 2005 after Palestinian organizations called for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against the state of Israel. The groups erroneously compared Israel's treatment of the Palestinians to the treatment of South African blacks, when powerful campus movements lobbied for divestments and boycotts against South Africa for black liberation. To this day, such campus movements against Israel have spread globally and unjustifiably with the intent to delegitimize Israel.

Contrary to the label “apartheid”, Israel enshrines equal rights under its laws for every race, including Arabs from surrounding states that are hostile to it.  All races mingle freely in public places and in all institutions; and are allowed equal voting rights, equal access to all services and hold positions in public office.  The Arab minority even has political parties that serve in Knesset, in government ministries and security services.  Recently, an Ethiopian Jew won the title of Miss Israel.

Over the summer StandWithUs launched an ad campaign to counter TransLink posters called “Disappearing Palestine,” in Vancouver. The posters presented four maps that showed a shrinking Palestine replaced by the state of Israel over six decades. The pro-Israel ads included a series of three maps that show “Jewish Loss of Land” and are dated from 1000 BCE until “Today.”  Meryle Kates, executive director of StandWithUs’ Toronto chapter stated that the pro-Palestinian posters “delegitimizes” Israel and the Jewish people “and we felt we had to correct it.”

StandWithUs is a valued partner to the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ Canada)


The Jewish Tribune

"Making it abundantly clear that Israel is not an apartheid state, Rev. Kenneth Meshoe outlined the laws which must be in effect before a country can be given that label, in a talk last week hosted by Beth Avraham Yoseph of Toronto (BAYT) Congregation’s adult education department and co-sponsored by StandWithUs Canada and International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) Canada."


Blog Wrath:

That’s why it was so interesting to hear the recent presentation of Kenneth Meshoe, a South African politician, who lived through the real apartheid. He was brought to Toronto by STANDWITHUS Canada and ICEJ (International Christian Embassy Jerusalem Canada).

Shalom Toronto:

Black South African MP Battles Allegations of “Israel Apartheid”

By Doris Strub Epstein

A rousing message of support for Israel and fiery denunciation of its enemies, came from a black South African MP, Reverend Kenneth Meshoe.  Among the false accusations hurled with the intention of demonizing Israel, is that Israel is an apartheid state.
"As a black South African who lived under apartheid, in my view, Israel cannot be compared to apartheid in South Africa.  Those who make the accusation expose their ignorance of what apartheid really is," said Reverend Meshoe. He  went further, declaring they should be told upfront, they are liars.
"As a black South African under apartheid, I, among other things, could not vote nor could I freely travel the landscape of South Africa.  No person of colour could hold high government offices.  The races were strictly segregated at sports arenas, public restrooms, benches in waiting rooms, schools, public transportation, hospitals.  People of colour had inferior hospitals, medical care and education."
He spelled out the legislation that targeted people of colour who were divided into  four groups; black, white, coloured and Indian.  The Group Alien Act forced them to live in separate residential enclaves.  "If I was in the wrong area I would be arrested."  In l951 the government established a black homeland. This meant no black could be a South African and "we were robbed of our citizenship."              They had to carry ID to show residence at all times or get beaten and thrown in jail.  "It created criminals out of blacks and restricted your movements."
"In my numerous visits to Israel I never saw any of this." Reverend Meshoe has been in Israel many times.  Racial equality is enshrined in Israeli law.  Take a train, go to the beach or a hospital, the Knesset - everywhere, equal citizenship for all law abiding citizens, he told the audience.  The "apartheid" wall, he calls the "security" wall.  "It is the responsibility of every government to assure the safety of its citizens." He suggested  giving everyone that calls Israel, apartheid, a ticket to go see for themselves.
Furthermore, he said, "This accusation (apartheid Israel) trivializes the suffering of the blacks under apartheid and belittles the magnitude of the racism endured by South Africans of colour."
Rev. Meshoe was born in Pretoria.  He founded a political party based on biblical principles, the African Christian Democratic Party.  He, along with six others represent ACDP in the National Parliament  of South Africa.
They recently started an organization called, DEISI, Defend, Embrace, Invest, Support Israel.  The "Invest" is their urgent wish for Israel to usd its technology to supply Africans with clean drinking water and teach them how to grow food without water.
He praised the Jewish leadership in the fight against apartheid.  "They were in the forefront of the fight.  They risked their lives, they risked everything for the oppressed.
"His message is important," Donna Holbrook said, "Because he understands apartheid first hand and is speaking to people around the world with this message."  She is the National Executive Director of International Christian Embassy Jerusalem-Canada, and co -sponsor of the evening along with Meryle Kates, Director of Stand With Us Canada.  It took place at Beth Sholom Synagogue.

Reverend Kenneth Meshoe with Rabbi Aaron Flanzraich - Beth Sholom Synagogue 

The Times of Israel

South African Rev. Meshoe debunks Israeli apartheid

Kenneth Meshoe, South African Member of Parliament from 1994 to 2013, President of the African Christian Democratic Party since 1994, Reverend of the 3000 strong Hope and Glory Tabernacle, and a former teacher recently spoke to several a large groups in Toronto about the “myth of apartheid.”  He has been touring across North America fighting the ravages of BDS.

Born on Pretoria in 1954, a black man experiencing apartheid in South Africa with his parents and his 4 brothers, the Reverend stated that labeling Israel an apartheid country “trivializes the word apartheid, minimizing and belittling the magnitude of the racism and suffering endured by South Africans of color.”

These are dark times for Israel and the Jewish people. It seems we are under attack from all sides. But we must never forget that we have friends all over the world. Friends prepared to put their lives in danger to speak the truth about Israel and the Jewish people. I recently learned that Rev. Meshoe and his family have been threatened for speaking up on behalf of Israel and denying that myth of apartheid.

Free speech seems not to be so free when speaking on behalf of Israel, a democracy in a sea of theocratic autocracies.

The Reverend made us laugh when he said that one of the reasons Jews are not liked by some is that God gave the Jews brains which they don’t have. He told us proudly “Believe this black man when he says ‘You are special.’”

Reverend Meshoe was brought to Canada by Stand With Us Canada, a Jewish advocacy organization on university campuses, and the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, Canada, to speak against the lies told by those who want to see the end of Israel. Meshoe speaks with passion about Israel. Israel, he says, is a miracle. It’s a nation that’s survived and thrived despite the hatred of others around her.

He likes to quote Genesis 12:2. “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you” because he believes with his whole mind, heart and soul that those who turn against Israel suffer while those that support her do well. He used Zambia as an example. Her economy was thriving while engaged with Israel and dropped like a stone when Zambia broke off relations in 1973. Meshoe believes the turning point for Africa was 1973 when she turned away from Israel toward Egypt. Genesis 12:2.

I had asked about Desmond Tutu and churches that support BDS. He said there are two types of Christians. Those who believe in the Bible and the obligation to support Israel and the Jewish people, and those like Tutu and the United Church of Canada who don’t follow Scripture.

He said Christians must not be ashamed to speak up against accusations of apartheid.  He wants us to know that the nay-sayers are loud and give the impression that they are bigger than they are. Isn’t that so true. How many times have we heard about the silent majority in Canada and the US?  He assured us that most South Africans love Israel but are intimidated into silence.

Philosopher and playwright Jean-Paul Sartre wrote that anti-Semites devaluate words. Absurd remarks intimidate and disconcert adversaries, which is quicker and easier than persuading by argument. Sartre noted the more absurd the remark, the wilder the fib, the bigger the advantage gained.

Meshoe speaks to that sentiment.  “The very idea that Israel is an apartheid state cheapens the word apartheid – it is an insult to every South African who endured the inhumanity and pain of it.”

When Meshoe spoke there was energy in the room. He is an impressive man. Fearless. He will not tolerate anti-semitism. He will not let others abuse the meaning of apartheid for their own. Regarding the Palestinian accusations of Israeli as an apartheid state, Meshoe said in 2011:

“I think it’s just a strategy that the Palestinians are using to get sympathy. Most people in the world were sympathetic to black people in South Africa because of apartheid. The Palestinians saw the sympathy at that time because of apartheid. Now they think that if they use the same word apartheid, that the sympathy that the people had on blacks in South Africa will be upon them also as Palestinians.”

Much of his talk is spent deconstructing the comparison of South Africa and Israel as apartheid nations. Not difficult when one knows the facts. And that’s the problem that Meshoe is addressing. The lack of facts. He told us that South Africans that go to Israel are shocked. So prepared are they for segregation that they can’t get over men and women, of all races, colours, religions being together on the beach, in restaurants, hotels, buses, lavatories.

Unheard of in apartheid South Africa.

He told us a story of a pastor friend on tour with others in Israel who required hospitalization. He, a black man, was on a gurney between a Jewish man and a Muslim receiving the same care from medical staff that was also mixed.

Unheard of in apartheid South Africa.

Meshoe acknowledges there are those in the SA parliament who are against Israel, who believe that Israel is guilty of apartheid, but their motions have been defeated by people like Meshoe. He is instilling in those to whom he speaks the courage to speak with a loud voice, too.

Reverend Meshoe is dedicating himself to spreading the word about Israel through his new organization, DEISI, established in response to the lies of Boycott Divest and Sanction. Defend, Embrace Invest Support Israel. The purpose is to mobilize high school and university students from South Africa to go to Israel because those who visit Israel know the label apartheid is a lie. He envisions them as ambassadors to university campuses around the world attacking the lies of Israeli apartheid. He also hopes to bring the energy of innovation from Israel to South Africa and the rest of Africa.

Here are two things he wants to see before he dies: an Israeli Prime Minister welcomed in South Africa and Israel’s technology freely found in South Africa, in all of Africa, to lift the continent out of poverty.

I hear in his words a man who cares deeply for his people; a man who wants the citizens in Africa to be healthy and prosperous, have access to clean water and good crops, to media that will open the world to them; to peace from tribal warfare. He looked around and saw Israel, a small democracy surrounded by failed autocracies that offered to provide that help and refused to accept the political machinations that would turn away from that outstretched hand.

Reverend Meshoe is a man of God, deeply connected to Scripture, who carries within a strong belief that God raised the Jews up to bless the nations. He says with certainty when the relationship between Israel and Africa is repaired, when the “myth of apartheid” is destroyed, Africa will be blessed and will thrive. Genesis 12:2

Jesus was not a Palestinian

by Christine Williams

It is not a new phenomenon that Jesus has been called a Palestinian, but in a recent article in Canada’s Toronto Star, the subject is presented with an attack on irredeemable racists in the Church, who supposedly have a preference for “blue eyed” whites.   

An “ethically speaking columnist” starts out his article quoting an unidentified character:

For 39 years, whenever I applied for a church position, an intellectually inferior, academically incompetent, or spiritually bankrupt person with “blue eyes” was hired ….Once I told an interfaith gathering that, when I cross the street at Yonge & Bloor, folks don’t see my clerical collar, just another bloody Paki…… Tools of ecclesiastical rejection are so polished that one suspects divine intervention. Why are ‘good’ Christians so irredeemably more racist than their cousins outside the church? Incidentally, Jesus, the Palestinian, didn’t have blue eyes.

The “ethically speaking columnist” concludes with these less-than-subtle words that relate to “Jesus, the Palestinian”: “So if the church doesn’t want your considerable talents, follow the advice of the brown-eyed Jesus: shake the dust off your feet and move on.”

While this column attempts to cover a thorny issue of racism in the Church, declaring Jesus to be Palestinian will bring no resolution. It is also historically flawed at best, propagandist at worst. 

In exploring some of the roots of how and where Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew) came to be deemed a Palestinian, the Israeli monitoring agency Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) exposed a Palestinian Authority TV interview in which author Samih Ghanadreh from Nazareth was asked about his new book Christianity and its Connection to Islam. Ghanadeh states that he personally heard Yasser Arafat several times affirm that Jesus was the first Palestinian martyr, while the TV Host replies: “Jesus was a Palestinian, no one denies that …” PMW cited the regularity of this declaration by prominent Palestinians, including the Governor of Ramallah Leila Ghannam (“We all have the right to be proud that Jesus is a Palestinian”), Senior PA leader Jibril Rajoub  (“The greatest Palestinian in history since Jesus is Yasser Arafat”), and an editorial in the PA official daily --Al-Hayat Al-Jadida -- referred to the “holy Trinity” as being Arafat, Abbas and Jesus.

In this Palestinian creation of the “Holy Trinity” now resides Mahmoud Abbas, who did his PhD in Holocaust denial, and Rahman Abdul Rauf al-Qudwa al-Husseini (a.k.a. Yasser Arafat), who learned under the tutelage of his revered uncle the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini, who worked with Hitler and Adolph Eichmann to slaughter six million Jews. Now Jesus -- the holy deity to the world’s Christians, known as “the Prince of Peace” -- has been thrown into this pile.

Bible researcher and author Jim Fletcher wrote that “the revisionists originally were the usual suspects: Arafat, mainline church scholars, media types.“ But more gravely, he states that this revisionism  “burrowed-into the American evangelical community.” For example:

Ed Stetzer, president of research at LifeWay—the resource arm of the Southern Baptist Convention—referred to Jesus as a “Palestinian Jew” in his article published in Christianity Today entitled“Monday is for Missiology: Some Thoughts on Contextualization”.

Assemblies of God minister and Palmer Theological Seminary Professor Paul Alexander referred to Jesus as “the Palestinian Jew” and has asked: “What will it take for the world to care enough to end the occupation?”

Fletcher further states that some evangelical leaders are advancing the false narratives of the likes of Arafat and the PLO, whether they are doing it knowingly or unknowingly. Although Fletcher asserted that popular Christian author Philip Yancey referred to Jesus as a “Palestinian rabbi,” Yancey was also cited in another article "Unwrapping Jesus," in which he stated unequivocally that Jesus was a Jew, even though he describes Jesus walking “the dusty roads of Palestine.” Yancey explains that the “true-blue Jewishness” of Jesus leaps out from Matthew’s very first sentence, which introduces him as “the son of David, the son of Abraham.”

For those who believe that there is a legitimate historic ancient Palestinian claim to the Holy Land, no such data even exists. The Romans coined the term itself. Following the Jewish revolt and ancient Battle of Masada, the term “Palestine” was invented in 135 AD for the sole purpose of delegitimizing and dishonoring the Jewish presence in the Holy Land. Before that, the land was known as “Judah.” Then in 636 AD, the Ottoman Arab raiders came to the land and uprooted Jews during the Battle of Yarmouk between the Rashidun Caliphate and the armies of the Roman Empire. Yet they did not form any Arab nation there, let alone a "Palestinian" one. The term “Palestine” was applied to the territory that was placed under the British Mandate after World War I, and Arabs from the vast surrounding lands populated it. Then in 1964, the PLO was created under the leadership of Palestinian lawyer, Ahmed Shukheiry, at a conference in East Jerusalem attended by Arab foreign ministers. Its founding manifesto stated that it was formed “to attain the objective of liquidating Israel.”

History proclaims the fallacy of Christians who claim that Jesus was Palestinian. This is not to say that Jesus is not a recognized figure in Islam. He is considered a messenger of God and a prophet called Isa -- and also a Jew, “sent to the children of Israel.”

Returning to the Toronto Star article and the discussion of racism being perpetrated in the Church: Jesus was a Jew, born in the Biblical heartlands. Christianity advanced into Egypt in the early part of the first century AD, as can be traced to the ancient Christian Copts of the Patriarchate of Alexandria, following the martyrdom of St. Mark. Any racism problem that exists within the Church is a separate issue altogether that needs to be addressed, and it will not be solved by falsely declaring Jesus to be a Palestinian. To do so advances the cause of Arafat and the PLO – Jihadists who virulently hate the West and whose mission remains to “liquidate Israel.”

Christine:  Here is the Honest Reporting publication of The ICEJ responses…...

Following HonestReporting Canada’s communiqué calling attention to a column in the Toronto Star on October 20  which indulged in historical revisionism with the statement: “Why are ‘good’ Christians so irredeemably more racist than their cousins outside the church? Incidentally, Jesus, the Palestinian, didn’t have blue eyes”, the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem published HRC’s communiqué and its own responses to Toronto Star columnist Ken Gallinger.

RE: A one-liner from Ken Gallinger: “Jesus, the Palestinian, didn’t have blue eyes.”

In a pathetic effort to ingratiate themselves to the leading lights of the Muslim culture around them, Palestinian Christians signed up long ago to promote the fantasy of the aboriginal presence of Palestinians in the Holy Land and have got used to cheering loudly as statesmen of the Palestine Authority insist that there never was a Jewish nation of Israel in Ancient times, no Temple, no traces of the Hebrew language, and other patent absurdities massively discredited every day by archeologists.

An example that has gained some currency in church circles comes from March, 2012, the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference, held at Bethlehem Bible college in march, 2012, where Mitri Raheb, the Lutheran Pastor of the Christmas Church in Bethlehem, proclaimed: I’m sure if we were to do a DNA test between David … and Jesus … and Mitri [himself], born just across the street from where Jesus was born, I’m sure the DNA will show that there is a trace. While, if you put King David, Jesus and Netanyahu, you will get nothing, because Netanyahu comes from an East European tribe who converted to Judaism in the Middle Ages …. I always loved to say that most probably one of my grand, grand, grand, grandmas used to babysit Jesus.

Ratrb’s mind-boggling stew of racist triumphalism, claiming without an iota of evidence sanction of the most up-to-date science and couched in shameless anti-history, was met with glee by the audience of visiting pastors, theologians and church activists from Europe and North America. No one seemed at all bothered by the illogicality of all of this. Even assuming the presence of some ancestor of Mitri Raheb in the local population (for which there is no documentary proof) when the Arabs arrived in the Seventh Century CE and assuming also some early intermixture of that man’s DNA with locals, such activity does not take us anywhere near the lifetime of Jesus, who the Christian gospels and all the earliest sources insist was, as a human person, of unmixed Jewish origin – as were all of his Disciples and all of the members of the Early Church for at least a decade thereafter.

Gallinger’s synopsis of this line of thought is: “Incidentally, Jesus the Palestinian didn’t have blue eyes.” Of course He didn’t have blue eyes. He was a Jew. It is only because of the low level of respect for historical fact in our educational system and among our academic élites that a major newspaper like the Star would stoop to promoting this idiocy. 

Paul Charles MERKLEY
Professor of History, Retired, Carleton University
ICEJ Canada Board Director

Re: Religious racism: Are ‘good’ Christians more racist than others?

The image of Jesus presented as a Palestinian does not reflect an issue onto itself as in the Christian faith, as He is a representative of all humans, regardless of race or country of origin. However, Scripture is clear about the Jewish genealogy of Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew) being traced to the root and offspring of King David, born in the City of David which is in Bethlehem, now governed by the Palestinian Authority. In the Christian tradition Jesus is the “Prince of Peace” who advocates reconciliation, not propaganda, fueled by proponents of a political faction. Furthermore, the recognition of Jesus as a Jew according to Christian faith and tradition traces back to the biblical heartlands and advanced into Egypt in the early part of the first century AD as can be historically followed back through the ancient Christian Copts to the Patriarch of Alexandria, following the martyrdom of St. Mark. Presenting or alluding to Jesus as a symbol of a white “blue eyed” construct of European colonialism serves as an obstacle to reconciliation and is factually limited. Any racism that exists within the Church is a separate issue that needs to be addressed.

Christine Williams 
International Christian Embassy Jerusalem Canada – Public Affairs & Media Consultant

Palestinian Film Festival Uses Arts to Demonize Israel

The arts have historically served as a powerful tool in shaping a culture, but the Toronto Palestine Film Festival appears to have a specific goal in mind: “using the arts to demonize the State of Israel”. According to Christine Williams of the Gatestone Institute, “the Sixth Annual Toronto Palestine Film Festival (TPFF) opened on Saturday September 28th, on the heels of the renowned Toronto International Film Festival . Although described as “dedicated to bringing Palestinian cinema, live musical performances, cuisine and art to audiences,” it is more accurately a propaganda fest that promotes Palestinian victimhood and paints Israel as a criminal. The event is promoted by the Canadian Arab Federation, which has been condemned by the Canadian government for its support of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

The TPFF was founded in 2008 as a tribute to the 60th anniversary of Al-Nakba, or “Day of Catastrophe,” as the Palestinians call it, to commemorate May 15th, the day after Israel’s Declaration of Independence in 1948.

One publication referred to the festival as a collection of stories that depict the “occupier” as inhumane, deceitful and brutal, while Palestinians develop “funding and talent,” and the courage and determination to fight for survival.

This festival is perhaps inspired by the continued official incitement of Palestinians against Israel by the Palestinian Authority, which likewise depicts Israelis as inhumane and the murderers of Israeli innocents as “martyrs”. Rather than use art to inspire peace, the festival shares the political goals of the Palestinian leadership, which is the demonization of the world’s only Jewish state.

Palestinian propaganda has been ramped up a notch, using the prominent Toronto Film Festivals, in a manipulation of the arts to emotionalize its message. The Sixth Annual Toronto Palestine Film Festival (TPFF)opened on Saturday September 28th, on the heels of the renowned Toronto International Film Festival . Although described as "dedicated to bringing Palestinian cinema, live musical performances, cuisine and art to audiences," it is more accurately a propaganda fest that promotes Palestinian victimhood and paints Israel as a criminal. The event is promoted by the Canadian Arab Federation, which has been condemned by the Canadian government for its support of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

The TPFF was founded in 2008 as a tribute to the 60th anniversary of Al-Nakba, or "Day of Catastrophe," as the Palestinians call it, to commemorate May 15th, the day after Israel's Declaration of Independence in 1948.

The festival begins with the Canadian premier of Abdallah Salem Omeish's dramatic and vivid documentary: "The War Around Us," which recounts the experiences of two Al-Jazeera journalists -- Ayman Mohyeldin and Sherine Tadros -- on assignment in Gaza when Israel broke a four-month ceasefire with Hamas to launch a military strike on November 4, 2008, to destroy a tunnel being dug by Palestinians, through which they plan to kidnap Israeli soldiers posted nearby.

Mohyeldin and Tadros, the only reporters covering the violence, captured emotional and horrific footage of dead and injured civilians killed in the shelling, and claim to catch Israel in an alleged lie that only "surgical strikes" were performed. The documentary displays A UN school as one of the targets.

Toronto's NOW Magazine described the documentary effects as "nervy but ultimately unnecessary; if the footage alone doesn't whip up your anger, you're just not paying attention," while declaring the whole Toronto Palestine Film Festival as, "almost by definition, a political event."

Also showcased is one of the most distinctive films from the Arab world in recent years, according to the Toronto Star. "When I Saw You," by Annemarie Jacir, presents the experiences of refugees fleeing the "Arab-Israeli hostilities" that gripped the region in 1967, through the eyes of an 11-year-old boy in a refugee camp in Jordan with his distressed mother. His frustrations soon turn into acts of rebellion as he joins terrorists preparing to head back across the border.

Another film, "Infiltrators," by Khaled Jarrar will be presented; it is about "Palestinians going over, under and through "the Wall." The documentary "This Is My Land... Hebron" displays yet another distressing perspective, painting Israelis as human rights abusers. Directors Guilia Amati and Stephen Natanson take viewers into the city of Hebron, where about 600 Israeli settlers and the soldier guarding them are portrayed as making life virtually impossible "for their 160,000 Palestinian neighbours with random curfews, checkpoints and offensive graffiti."

In advance of this event, a Reel Palestine panel was held on September 9th at the University of Toronto's Innis Town Hall. It featured a conversation with Palestinian filmmakers at the TIFF, and was co-sponsored by the university's Cinema Studies Institute.

The propagandist motive of the festival was alluded to by Jackie Reem Salloum, director of one of the documentaries, who told Al Jazeera, "Hollywood doesn't know anything about the Palestinian issue." Salloum further advises Palestinian parents to encourage their children to tell their stories through artistic expression and the media.

The arts have historically served as a powerful tool in shaping a culture, and the Toronto Palestine Film Festival uses the arts to demonize the State of Israel. One publication referred to the festival as a collection of stories that depict the "occupier" as inhumane, deceitful and brutal, while Palestinians develop "funding and talent," and the courage and determination to fight for survival.

Pope Francis I and Israel

Christine:  Just as Pope Francis was elected, there were concerns among many Jewish groups about what to expect with regards to the new Pope’s views about Israel.  One of those was Rabbi Dow Marmur Rabbi Emeritus at Toronto's Holy Blossom Temple, who noted in hisarticle…..

“Any time a new pope is named, the Jewish community regards him with skepticism” wrote staff writer Marc Tracy in the New Republic recently. In summing up the achievements of the two previous heads of the Catholic Church, Tracy noted that both had affirmed that antisemitism is incompatible with Christianity and that the State of Israel has legitimacy.

Jews hope that the next incumbent will continue in the same vein. There were concerns about the cardinal from Honduras who was one of the frontrunners for the job. Canadian journalist Christine Williams wrote about him that “this outspoken antisemite reportedly blamed the Jews for deflecting attention away from ‘Israeli injustices against the Palestinians’ by arranging for the media to give undue attention to the Catholic sex abuse scandal.”

Therefore, the election of Pope Francis was greeted with relief and enthusiasm throughout the Jewish world.  

For the full article in Gatestone by Christine Williams:

The College of Cardinals has elected its new Pope, the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Jorge Bergoglio, -- the the first non-European Pope in a thousand years; the first Jesuit; the first from the Americas and the first Pope Francis named after St. Francis of Assisi -- one of the most venerated saints in the Catholic church and noted for being a champion of justice and for his love for the poor. Reports are also out that Pope Francis is a friend to Jews, a critical attribute, given the persistent anti-Semitic boycotts, divestment drives and sanctions [BDS] against Israel in many Christian denominations including the largest Protestant one in Canada: The United Church.

The Jesuits , known as the "Society of Jesus," are deemed to be the smartest and largest order of priests and brothers in the Church; Pope Francis entered the society at age of 21.

Some reports even claim that the first Jesuits were "crypto‑Jews" and that its founder, Ignatius Loyola, himself was a "crypto‑Jew." Apparently, when one of its members, the little known Vicar for Hebrew and Russian-speaking Catholics for the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, Jesuit Father David Neuhaus, was preparing some children of Filipino guest workers for their first Communion in Jerusalem in 2010, and asked them what they knew about Easter, they sang him one of the traditional hymns from the Passover Seder dinner that stated: "We were slaves to Pharaoh in Egypt and God took us out with a strong arm and a mighty hand." According to Catholic News Service ,while some Christian catechists would have been horrified, Father Neuhaus's response was to applaud the children. The Hebrew-speaking apostolate has made it his mission to teach children about the Jewish heritage of the Christian Church, as well as fostering positive Christian-Jewish relations -- a commendable and obligatory effort, particularly given the anti-Semitic history of -- and vilification of -- Jews by the Christian Church and thecontinuation of many Christian Churches unjustly to support BDS initiatives against Israel.

Pope Francis is said to have had good relations with Argentinian Jews: he was praised by Jewish community leaders for his response to the 1994 bombing of the Argentine Jewish Mutual Association that killed over 80 people. Further, in 2005, Bergoglio signed a joint statement against terrorism with Jose Adaszko of the Israel Mutual Association of Argentina, and Omar Helal Massud of the Islamic Center. The intent of the statement was to prevent the recurrence of anything like the 1994 bombing. World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder, who met Bergoglio in 2008, expressed optimism that he will continue the work of bridge-building between the Catholic Church and world Jewry.

Many Zionists and pro-Jewish supporters had held their breath as, according to a daunting report, entitled Will a Notorious Anti-Semite Become The Pope?, Cardinal Andres Rodriguez Maradiaga of Honduras appeared on many media shortlists. This outspoken anti-Semite reportedly blamed the Jews for deflecting attention away from "Israeli injustices against the Palestinians" by arranging for the media to give undue attention to the Catholic sex abuse scandal.

Time will reveal the next steps for the new Pope Francis; in the meantime he has been congratulated and applauded by all people who care about decency, human rights and pluralism worldwide. One, Rabbi Marvin Hier, the Dean and Founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, said he predicts that Pope Francis will have "cordial relations" with the Jewish community, and stated that he is hopeful that Pope Francis will emerge as a supporter of the State of Israel .

Back in mid July, Pope Francis said:  “Due to our common roots, a Christian cannot be anti-Semitic”. He went on to say that the Church condemns “hate, persecution, and all manifestations of antisemitism.” 

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