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Donna Holbrook

ICEJ Canada National Executive Director

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Donna Holbrook ICEJA former teacher, entrepreneur, and stay at home Mom, Donna discovered Israel for her first of now 37 tours to Israel in 1996 with ICEJ. Donna brought new life into the Canadian branch when it was closed of its own accord in spring 2001. As a full time and overtime volunteer in her Executive role, Donna has a heart to build bridges of friendship between the Jewish & Christian community, to help fight the evils of Antisemitism, to educate on God’s eternal promises to Israel for the redemption of all people & to get as many people to Israel as possible, especially young adults where she has seen lives transformed.

Awarded the Meir Medical Center Woman of Valour award in 2006, and the State of Israel Bonds Kesher Award in 20012, she has served on many boards including CIC (now CIJA), Canadian Society of Yad Vashem, Israel & Our Jewish World, currently an advisor on StandWithUs Canada, and board member of HonestReporting Canada. Profiled in Lifestyles New Years 2011, she is quoted in Jewish and Christian press, and currently seen on Vision and Daystar Canada in Inside Israel with ICEJ Canada TV weekly program.

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