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Essays by Dr Paul C Merkley

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Dr Paul Merkley

Professor of History, Emeritus, Carleton University

Born 1934 in Toronto and educated in Toronto schools, concluding with Ph. D. in History from University of Toronto, 1965. 

Retired, as of July, 1999, from the full-time teaching faculty of Carleton University, with the rank of Professor of History. 

Author of six published books on aspects of Christian theology, politics and history. 

Most recent publication has been on the theme of Christian attitudes towards Jews, towards Israel and towards Zionism. 

Much of Paul’s recent publication has been of a more polemical or controversial character than his published books and has appeared in Christian denominational periodicals and journals, in journals of opinion, an on various websites and weblogs. 

In church circles, he is recognized as an advocate of support for Israel and as a critic of the anti-Israel bias which has become increasingly prominent in institutional Christianity. 

Recent lectures and academic papers: 

“Christian Support for Israel,” to Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies Conference on US-Israel Relations in a New Era,” Bar-Ilan University, Israel, May 20-21, 2007 (to be published in a collection of papers from this conference.) 

Public lecture, "Christian Support for Israel," in series on Christian Zionism, at Temple Beth Tzedec, Toronto 

January 16, 2008. 

Presentation on theme, "What Role are the Churches playing in the New Anti-Semitism?" and participation in panel at Israeli Foreign Ministry Forum on Global Anti-Semitism," Jerusalem February 24-25, 2008 

Toronto ON Conference Panel Beth Tzedec Synagogue   

A frequent contributor of book reviews to the journal Books and Culture, ' which is the literary journal of Christianity Today.

Interviewed on Sun News with Michael Coren, Crossroads Communication with Jim Cantelon 2012

Other commitments and interests: 

From August 2005 to February 2006, Paul served as Foreign Policy Advisor and Research Analyst to Stockwell Day, M.P.,

Official Opposition Foreign Affairs Critic in the House of Commons, Canada.  When Stockwell Day became Minister of Public Safety he continued in his Parliamentary office as an advisor on international politics until his retirement into the private sector. 

An active member of All Saints Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ottawa;

An active supporter and long term board director of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem Canada. 

Past President and currently Vice-President of the Board of Harvest House Ministries, Ottawa, a program for residential treatment of young men with problems of substance addiction. 

A member of the National Capital Clarinet Consort

Family life: 

Paul has been married to Gwen Merkley (nee Barton) since October, 1961 and is the father of four adult children and grandfather of three girls and one boy. 


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