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Haifa Home Needs

Helping Holocaust Survivors in Israel

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Holocaust Survivors from ICEJ Haifa Home

As the Haifa Home is evolving, we currently need funds for specific projects. There are many costs which are re-occurring each month, others are a one-time investment. These are the current appeals with the amounts that are needed:

1. Salary of One Staff Member per Month          

EUR 1,975 / USD 2,650


  • The Social Worker is vital to the Home to deal with the questions, concerns and various problems of the residents that arise each day.
  • A Coordinator for all the activities in the Recreational & Therapeutic Facility
  • A Doctor

2. Electricity bill per month                          
EUR 12,275 / USD 16,500

We are thankful for every donation that we receive for these projects. They are a huge blessing to the continuation of this special Home. When you donate, please specify the project name: Haifa Home Needs.

For more information about the projects, please email us.

Please support this urgent and worthy humanitarian project:

Support the extensive ongoing work and witness of the ICEJ by helping us fund our core activities in fulfilling our mandate to support Israel, connect the church, provide education and promote justice.

Donations allow us to maintain funding for emergency projects, and embark on new initiatives to support Israel in these critical days.

Thank you for your ongoing support of ICEJ Canada!


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