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Updates on Our Work in Israel

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Close to 30 Holocaust survivors mark bar/bat mitzvahs in Jerusalem
A busload of Holocaust Survivors from the Haifa Home and Survivors who enjoy the friendship and services of the Home together with their dedicated staff left Haifa early Monday morning, July 13th,...
ICEj Aid
ICEJ Aid brings hope to Gaza border communities
The ICEJ Aid team was recently in Sderot, the small Israeli community on the border with the Hamas-occupied Gaza Strip which has been targeted by thousands of rockets and mortars since Israel’s...
Preparing For Passover
As the Passover festival approaches this March 25th, the ICEJ has been busy preparing food baskets and other items for distribution to needy Israeli families in time for this revered Jewish holiday.On a beautiful spring day in mid-March, the ICEJ...
Learning For All
In February last year, a report released by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) had encouraging news for Israel, finding that it is the second-most educated country in the world. However, the report also noted that the...
Holocaust Memorial Day
As the world marked International Holocaust Remembrance Day on the 27th of January, an ICEJ delegation joined about 150 Holocaust survivors, 50 Israeli Air Force and police recruits, and a number of honoured guests for a special ceremony in Haifa....
Operation Lifeshield
In February, the Christian Embassy was able to donate yet another portable bomb-shelter to protect Israeli civilians in southern Israel against rocket attacks from Gaza...
Hanukkah with holocaust survivors
In early December, ICEJ staff members celebrated the Jewish festival of Hanukkah with Holocaust Survivors in the city of Pardes Hanna...
Christmas In Bethlehem
A week before Christmas, the streets of Bethlehem were surprisingly quiet. But as we reached the First Baptist Church in Bethlehem that bright Sunday morning...
ICEJ sponsors first Bnei Menashe flight
Smiling broadly beneath a bright woollen cap, Ephraim Manlun readily admitted that he was “totally lost for words”. “There’s an unexplainable feeling in our hearts, an...
ICEJ Holocaust Survivors
The walls of Anna and Evgeni’s living room are covered with framed photographs. They are all of the same beautiful woman. My attention was quickly drawn to a specific one, a black-and-white...
ICEJ helps Israelis under fire
In mid-November, Israeli leaders ordered the IDF to take concerted action against the repeated launching of rockets and mortars from Gaza into southern Israel. The launching of “Operation...
ICEJ Holocaust survivors
Last month the members of ICEJ had a unique opportunity to spend time with young Jews from around the world who had made aliyah on their own, while their families remain abroad. Despite their young...
Daily life ICEJ Haifa home
Over the past three years, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem has established a unique assisted-living facility in Haifa that has become a special place of love and warmth for the dozens of Holocaust survivors who now reside there. At...
Lone Soldiers
Last month the members of ICEJ had a unique opportunity to spend time with young Jews from around the world who had made aliyah on their own, while their families remain abroad. Despite their young...
Joy of Employment
Israel gives most disabled the freedom to decide what they would like to do with their lives and their time. Options vary, depending on their disability; though most that are able gladly choose...
Adopting a Holocaust Survivior
In recent years, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem has intensified its effort to reach out in compassion to Israel's aging community of Holocaust survivors, which currently numbers around 200,00. Most of these survivors are now well...
New residents
Benjamin Ginsberg was born in 1919 in Vilnius, Lithuania where he grew up with four sisters. During childhood life was quite “sweet” for Benjamin, as his Jewish parents owned a confectionery.He admits to pinching a treat here-and-there...
Thanks to the many gifts made towards our Passover Appeal, we were able to touch the lives of more than 600 families in Israel over the Passover holiday.The donations received enabled the assembly of food baskets, the funding of a Seder meal for the...
Haifa home
"God must love us," said Shimon Sabag, Director of Yad Ezer L'Haver, the ICEJ's Haifa home partner, "there have been many miracles here." He was referring to unexpected gifts the Home receives from time to time that...
Needy Palestinians
There are no public social welfare or unemployment programs in the Palestinian territories. For this reason, the poor and needy are dependent on private support programs from their families and religious communities. In an effort to assist...
In 2011, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem helped to bring 2,974 Jews home to Israel, representing about 15% of the total worldwide Aliyah. This figure includes our support for the Red Carpet program, which helped bring 1,811 Jews home...
The ICEJ AID team recently paid a visit to several active projects being sponsored in the Druze sector in Israel. Today, there are about 100,000 Druze citizens in Israel, with thousands of them serving in the Israeli army. Though classified as Arabs...

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ICEJ Intercession for Israel

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Catch The Fire Church Toronto Ontario Canada

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