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  • On Saturday, August 12, I was honored to speak at Yad Vashem’s Graduate Event for those who have completed their...
  • The year 2017 is filled with anniversaries of key moments in Israel’s modern history. Foremost among them are the...
  • We are utterly dismayed that UNESCO has adopted once again a scandalous resolution denying any Jewish connection to the...
  • The leadership and family of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) joins with the people of Israel in...
  • The recent tensions and troubles in and around Jerusalem escalated this week with the brutal massacre of four Jewish...

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Upcoming Events

ICEJ Events

Teaching truth, celebrating God’s faithfulness

The ICEJ is probably best known for annually hosting the Christian celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles - a multicultural event that draws thousands of pilgrims to Jerusalem for teaching, worship and prayer.

In addition, ICEJ speakers undertake teaching tours, seminars, and conferences across the globe.

The ICEJ is committed to telling the truth about Israel, and helping the church to understand the wonderful faithfulness of God through the fulfillment of His promises to the Jewish people.

Upcoming Events:

Yom Kippur

30 Sep 2017


5 Oct 2017


9 Oct 2017

Shmini Atzeret

12 Oct 2017

Simchat Torah

13 Oct 2017

ICEJ Intercession for Israel

15 Oct 2017
Catch The Fire Church Toronto Ontario Canada

ICEJ Intercession for Israel

5 Nov 2017
Catch The Fire Church Toronto Ontario Canada

Remembrance Day

11 Nov 2017

Giving Tuesday

28 Nov 2017


13 Dec 2017

Christmas Eve

24 Dec 2017


25 Dec 2017

Boxing Day

26 Dec 2017

Special Reports

  • From take-off in Addis Ababa to touchdown on Ben Gurion’s tarmac, the flight time is roughly 5 hours. Truly arriving in the Promised Land, however, is a much longer endeavour. Aliyah is both an...
  •     Four thousand rockets over the course of 34 days, driving 500,000 people from their homes – this was the fiery crucible of the 2006 Lebanon War that gave birth to Operation...
  • JERUSALEM JUBILEE CELEBRATED IN THE PHILIPPINES By Sally Maddatu, ICEJ Representative - Philippines On 8 June 2017, the ICEJ Philippines branch celebrated the Jerusalem Jubilee with other Christian...
  • Photo Captions: ICEJ President Dr Jürgen Bühler delivers the opening address at the annual Herzliya Policy Conference. Herzliya panelists (from left) Gottfried Bühler, Luis Fernandez...
  • The ICEJ Publications Team has said goodbye to a highly valued publications director. Estera Wieja began her career at the ICEJ as a volunteer in 2010. Serving effectively and faithfully, she was...
  • THE GOD WHO ANSWERS PRAYER! By: David Parsons, VP Senior International Spokesman “Certainly God has heard me; He has attended to the voice of my prayer.” (Psalm 66:19) We are very...


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