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Iraqi Kurdistan Braces as Neighbors Threaten Invasion

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28 Sep 2017 (All day)
Iraqi Kurdistan Braces as Neighbors Threaten Invasion
Following a referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan this week which saw over 90% of ballots being cast in favor of political independence, the regime in Baghdad was exerting maximum pressure on the provisional government in Erbil to stand down. Calls were made by several Iraqi officials for direct military action by federal forces to forcibly take control of oil fields and other vital infrastructure currently controlled by Kurdish militias, while Turkish, Iranian and Assad regime forces, along with already mobilized Iranian controlled-Shi’ite militias, held menacing drills on all of the semi-autonomous region’s borders.

The Baghdad regime also demanded that foreign governments with consulates in Erbil close them, while most international airlines servicing the major cities in the region have already suspended flights. Russian President Vladimir Putin was scheduled to be in Ankara Thursday to meet with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, with the situation in northern Iraq reported to be high on the list of topics to be discussed.

The US and EU both issued statements lamenting Erbil’s decision to hold the referendum, appearing to indicate that they would not support it if it is attacked by any of its neighbors.

Doubt Cast on Recently Announced Iranian Missile Test
Israel’s defense intelligence community issued a statement Wednesday casting doubt on a recent announcement by Iran that it had tested a long-range ballistic missile, the Khorramshahr, a weapon with a 2,000-km. range and the capability to deliver nuclear warheads. Several media reports have indicated that Western satellites and other platforms for monitoring Iranian airspace did not pick up any indication of the launch which allegedly took place last Saturday, while video of the event released by Iranian state-run TV has been pointed out to be of a failed test of a different missile seven months ago.

Israel Blesses the World
A team of researchers at Beersheeba’s Ben-Gurion University of the Negev published an article this week in the prestigious Journal of the American Chemical Society. The research, titled “Highly Efficient Flavin–Adenine Dinucleotide Glucose Dehydrogenase Fused to a Minimal Cytochrome C Domain” will make it possible for much more accurate blood-sugar tests and more precise doses of medication, simplifying treatments for the millions of people worldwide who live with diabetes.

Agriculture Ministry Moves to Legalize Medical Marijuana
Israel’s Agriculture Ministry announced this week that it is classifying medical-grade-cannabis growing as an official farming sector, paving the way for what supporters hope will be a multi-billion dollar export opportunity for Israeli farmers. “Dealing and using cannabis is still illegal in most of the world’s countries, but it appears that the use of cannabis for medical purposes is gaining popularity in many countries, and an increasing number of studies are confirming the positive effects of cannabis, while showing its risks and damage,” said a statement by the Ministry.

Today’s video gives a look at modern life in the Biblical city of Beersheeba

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