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Israel Hosts Successful Blue Flag 2019 Air Drills

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18 Nov 2019
Israel Hosts Successful Blue Flag 2019 Air Drills
General David Goldfein, Chief of Staff of the US Air Force, was in Israel last week to observe the Blue Flag 2019 drills, which this year included 70 combat aircraft from Israel, the US, Greece, Germany and Italy and was centered on Ovda Air Base in the Negev. During his visit, Goldfein discussed strategic matters with senior IDF officers and met with President Reuvin Rivlin. “The U.S. and Israel enjoy a strong and enduring military-to-military partnership, one we’ve built upon trust developed over decades of cooperation. What an honor and privilege to be here in Israel today. We thank you all for your hospitality, and look forward to building on our already rock-solid alliance,” Goldfein told his hosts.

The Blue Flag 2019 air defense drills involved air crews and pilots practicing a variety of scenarios, and continued despite the rocket barrages fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip last week. “We are on high alert and ready for various scenarios,” said an IDF Spokesperson. “We will focus on the north and stabilize the south.”

Following his visit to Israel,. Goldfein continued on to the Dubai Airshow where he publicly pleaded with Washington’s Arab allies to put aside their political differences and concentrate on dealing with the shared threat from Iran.

Israel Blesses the World
Dr. Gabriel Agar from Shamir Medical Center and Dr. Ron Arbel from Ramat-Aviv Medical Center recently performed a surgical procedure to implant an “artificial meniscus” into the knee of a patient, pioneering a new method for treating an injury which has ended the careers of many promising athletes and great discomfort and inconvenience among the general population. The medical-grade plastic implant and the procedure for inserting it was developed in Israel by Active Implants LLC and promises to replace painful, expensive and time-intensive treatments.

Ted Davis, president and CEO of Active Implants, said, "Filling the gap in treatment options between minimally invasive meniscus repair and total knee replacement is a large unmet need in the orthopedic market. The NUsurface Implant was invented and developed in our R&D [research and development] center in Israel, so for us it is very exciting to finally bring the device to people in Israel.”

Here is a video about other ways Israel is blessing the world

Netanyahu Re-iterates Willingness for Targeted Assassinations
Following last week’s rocket fire into Israel which persisted despite a cease-fire agreement between Israel and the Iranian-backed Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terror militia, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the meeting of the security cabinet Sunday morning that the policy of carrying out targeted assassinations of terrorist leaders would continue. "Our security policy has not changed, not even slightly,” he said. “We have maintained our full freedom of action and we will harm anyone who tries to harm us."

“This weekend, Hamas fired [rockets] at Beersheba," Netanyahu said. "I instructed the IDF to immediately attack Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip. Again - those who harm us will be harmed. We are prepared for every scenario. The security forces know exactly what they must make do to protect the State of Israel in every arena. We will do everything to ensure Israel's security," he said.

Today's video shows some fun place to see on your next visit to Israel

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