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Israel Rushing Aid to Quake-Stricken Mexico City

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20 Sep 2017 (All day)
Israel Rushing Aid to Quake-Stricken Mexico City
Volunteers from ZAKA Mexico, trained by Israel's volunteer emergency response teams, were participating in recovery efforts early Wednesday morning in Mexico City, following the deadliest earthquake to hit that country in a generation. The latest reports put the death toll of the 7.1 magnitude quake at 217, with Israel and many other countries around the world rushing aid and rescue teams to the region as quickly as possible.

“It is impossible to describe the scope of the disaster. Millions of people are without power, there is great confusion and distress," ZAKA Mexico commander Marcus Cain declared.

Discussion Continues Over ‘Egalitarian’ Prayer Space at Western Wall 
The Offices of the Prime Minister and the Attorney General rejected a request by the High Court of Justice to move forward with a plan to construct an “egalitarian” section of prayer at the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City. The Cabinet, consisting of elected officials, has suspended the decision, while Israel’s relatively small communities of Reform and Conservative Jews have petitioned the courts to demand that the process be reinstated.

“The government has broad discretion regarding the manner of deciding the matter, subject, of course, to its obligations under the law,” the state response said. The Reform Movement issued a statement on the matter declaring that Netanyahu’s decision is an instance of “unprecedented lack of good faith,” and contempt for Reform and Conservative Jews and the organizations they’ve formed in Israel to advance their agenda.

International Cycling Race to be Held in Israel
Israeli sports fan were thrilled this week to learn that the Giro d’Italia, one of the three “grand tour” races in professional cycling, will be held in Israel in May, 2018. The race has three stages including a start in Jerusalem, a leg between Haifa and Tel Aviv and another one between Beersheeba and Eilat. Government officials and race enthusiasts who helped bring the Giro to Israel cheered the decision as yet another devastating defeat for efforts to Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) Israel.

Here is a video about the race

Lieberman Praises IDF Readiness
Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman spoke at a ceremony in Jerusalem Monday to mark the laying of a cornerstone for a new military college, praising what he called the “unprecedented” level of preparedness and training the IDF has achieved and adding “the Land of Israel was bought not by virtue of force, but by force of right (quoting Menachem Begin) and Jerusalem is our right and the source of our strength and power, and we are simply going to exercise it.”

Gaza Flotilla Organizer Admits ‘Humanitarian Aid’ Not Real Goal
The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, a Jerusalem-based think tank, issued a report Tuesday which quoted Zaher Birawi, a British-Palestinian activist who has been heavily involved in anti-Israel activities in several countries, from a recent interview he gave with Felesteen, the daily newspaper of the Islamist terror militia Hamas. Birawi admitted in the interview that the flotillas of small boats which have, in recent years, set sail for the Hamas-occupied Gaza Strip were not seriously meant to bring relief to Palestinian civilians, but rather to embarrass Israel and score propaganda victories for Hamas and other enemies of the Jewish State.

In related news, Hamas reported on Tuesday that one of its fighters had died in an accident involving a tunnel he was assisting in digging under the border with Israel for the purpose of infiltrating the Jewish State and carrying out terror attacks against its citizens.

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