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Netanyahu Makes Major Speech on Settlements

Friedman Makes Supportive Remarks in Interview

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28 Sep 2017 (All day)
Netanyahu Makes Major Speech on Settlements
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke forcefully Wednesday evening at an event to celebrate fifty years of Israeli communities in the West Bank, declaring that, among other things, “Settlement is important to you my friends, it is equally important to me, so I say before all and clearly: There will be no more uprooting of settlements in the Land of Israel. It is not just a question of the connection to the homeland, of course that is correct, but first of all, it is not the way to make peace. We will not uproot Jews, and not Arabs.”

“Any territory that falls into the hands of radical Islam becomes a base of destruction, of violence and of death,” he continued. “Therefore we will not abandon our national home to that danger.”

The event took place at the Alon Shvut settlement near Kibbutz Kfar Etzion, the first Israeli town built in Judea and Samaria following Israel’s liberation of these territories from Jordanian occupation in the Six Day War of June 1967.

The ceremony was boycotted by several left-wing and even centrist members of Knesset, while Supreme Court President Miriam Naor issued a decree that no judges were allowed to attend due to the “political nature” of the proceedings. The ceremony also came hours after Netanyahu met with Trump Administration envoy Jason Greenblatt, US Ambassador David Friedman and Israel’s Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer. During the meeting Netanyahu reportedly told his American guests that Israel couldn’t allow moves by the Palestinian Authority such as their successful bid to join INTERPOL earlier in the day to go unanswered, as they violated previous agreements.

Finally, an interview Friedman gave with the Israeli news site Walla was published on Thursday, including some of the most supportive statements ever made by a US ambassador to the Jewish State.

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