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PA Outraged at Israel’s Growing Ties with Moslems

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28 Nov 2018
PA Outraged at Israel’s Growing Ties with Moslems
The Palestinian Authority is demanding an urgent meeting of the Arab League to address the increasingly public and cordial relations between Israel and Arab/Moslem countries. “What we see in recent weeks – from [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu's visit to Oman and the visit of the president of Chad to Israel, and now we talk about Bahrain, Sudan and about ties with Saudi Arabia. It raises question marks! Therefore the Arab and Islamic position needs to be clarified,” PA official Nabil Shaath told Haaretz. “Both Israel and the US are exploiting the Palestinian schism in order to get closer to Arab and Islamic countries.”

Here is a video about recent PA statements regarding Israel

In related news, Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani gave a fiery address to the Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran on Monday, saying among other things that “They have called it the ‘deal of the century’ to achieve a number of major goals. Their first goal is to increase the power of Israel in the region… The other goal is to end the story of Palestine by telling Palestinian refugees to stay in other countries and not to return to their homeland. We will stand against the Israeli regime and will not let the deal take place in this region.”

Referring to the support Saudi Arabia and other Sunni countries gave to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq during the 1080-88 war with Iran, Larijani added that “We overlooked that mistake and did not retaliate, but their second mistake – supporting Israel – wouldn’t remain without retaliation. You are the leaders of Muslim countries, but know that we will stand against Israel, and won’t let the ‘deal of the century’ happen in the region. People never forget the issue of Palestine. Their governments may say something for their own interests or to appease the US; they may remain silent or establish ties with Israel. But their people hate it. The people of the region, in every country, consider Israel a cancerous tumor, and hate it."

Trump: Support of Israel is Reason for Staying in Middle East
US President Donald Trump gave an exclusive interview to the Washington Post on Tuesday in which he said, among other things, that the US has "reached a point where we don't have to stay in the Middle East. One reason to stay is Israel…oil is becoming less and less of a reason because we’re producing more oil now than we’ve ever produced. So, you know, all of a sudden it gets to a point where you don’t have to stay there. One reason to stay is Israel.”

Israeli Sports Scene Thriving
NBA global goodwill ambassador Dikembe Mutombo and Canadian-Israeli philanthropist Sylvan Adams were both on hand Wednesday to help launch the Sylvan Adams Sports Center at the Jerusalem YMCA. Mutombo was especially thrilled to be there as the facility, the largest of its kind in the Middle East, will be used to host the Jr. NBA youth basketball program in the capital. “Israel is a very important market for us; basketball-wise. We believe that this is the one place that we had to come to in order to establish ourselves very well,” Mutombo said. “We are so happy that we have the chance to bring this beautiful program to our Israeli youths.”

IDF Forming New Brigade to Guard Border with Sinai
The IDF Spokesperson announced on Wednesday that a new unit, the Paran Brigade, is being formed to guard the border between Israel and Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. “It’s establishment is part of the process of integrating the border defense battalions into routine security missions, in a way that provides a qualitative response to missions,” the IDF said. The Islamic State (IS) terror militia is fighting an ongoing insurgency against the Egyptian government in Sinai and criminal networks have taken advantage of the chaotic situation to increase attempts at smuggling various contraband material into Israel in recent years.

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