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Palestinian Rioters Attack Israeli Motorist

Jerusalem, Israel's Eternal Capital

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19 May 2017 (All day)
Palestinian Rioters Attack Israeli Motorist
A mob of over 200 Palestinian rioters had attacked an Israeli motorist on his way home from a trip to the grocery store in the Palestinian village of Hawara, adjacent to the Israeli community of Itamar. The man, a father of 8 children, was forced to fire several shots from his sidearm in response to a hail of rocks and bricks thrown at his vehicle, which was blocked in by several Palestinian vehicles including a Red Crescent ambulance.

One Palestinian rioter was killed in the incident and another individual was wounded.

“We are investigating the incident,” an IDF spokesman said. “What we know right now is that the Israeli civilian, whose car was targeted by the Palestinian throwing rocks, said he fired into the air out of fear for his life.”

As reports of the incident were emerging, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hosted Costa Rican Foreign Minister Manuel A. González Sanz in Jerusalem, saying during their joint press appearance that “The failure to achieve resolve the conflict with the Palestinians and achieve peace lies with the Palestinian refusal to accept the existence of the Jewish State in any borders.”

The statement was the latest of a series of comments on the prospects for peace with the Palestinian Authority that Netanyahu has made this week ahead of a visit by US President Donald Trump.

Here is a video about Israel and Jerusalem


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