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Marking One Year of the PrayerWave

PrayerWave Prayer Initiative

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29 May 2019
Marking One Year of the PrayerWave

“Therefore glorify the Lord in the dawning light…” (Isaiah 24:15a)

It has been one year since the ICEJ launched the PrayerWave last May in Washington, DC. This past year has been a journey of faith for everyone involved and we know the Lord is using it in many ways. It has been a privilege to partner with so many dedicated intercessors during these truly prophetic times.

The PrayerWave is a unique prayer initiative built around the vision of a worldwide network of intercessors who lift up a continual flow of praise and prayer to the Lord for Israel and the nations at dawn. When the sun rises, faithful prayer warriors are on their knees pleading for God to fulfil His purposes for Zion and all who love her.

Over 600 intercessors from 22 time zones have now taken hold of this vision, joining together in this 24/7 global prayer chain to release an unending cry for God to comfort Jerusalem and raise her up to be a praise in the earth.

To truly comfort Israel, we first need a love for the Jewish people and their Promised Land. This is often cultivated in the hearts of believers as they pray for Israel. Many participating in the PrayerWave have testified that as they intercede for Israel, the Lord has given them a deeper love for the nation, accompanied by powerful results in prayer.

An intercessor from Finland recently shared this touching testimony of how the PrayerWave has impacted his life:

When I gave my life to Jesus several years ago, I felt that prayer would be important for me somehow. But there seemed to be a high wall around me making it hard for me to pray; it always seemed like hard work and I thought God did not hear me. Praying was a big problem for me no matter how hard I tried, and I couldn’t find the answer. A year ago, God began to answer my deep desire to draw closer to Him. First, He led me to Scriptures that awoke a deep love within me for Israel. Then, I joined the ICEJ and ordered the ICEJ magazine ‘Word from Jerusalem’. Last June I read your call to join the PrayerWave. Somehow, I knew that this was an answer from God, but I was afraid to make a commitment, because I had been disappointed so many times. By the grace of God, I decided to pray every morning for one week as a test. After that week my life had changed; God gave me this wonderful present - praying without effort! Now I want to pray every morning. It has been a great blessing for me, and I cannot live without praying anymore. Praise the Lord!

The PrayerWave is called to raise up an army of intercessors who will stand in the gap for Israel as it faces many daunting challenges each and every day. If the Lord is stirring your heart to join the PrayerWave, please answer the call and sign up today at When you sign up, you will receive weekly prayer points and inside information so that you can support the work God is doing here in Israel and throughout the world.

Sign up for the PrayerWave today at:

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