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We Serve a God You Cannot Outdream

Feast of Tabernacles 2018: Roll call of the Nations

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25 Sep 2018
We Serve a God You Cannot Outdream

The first night in Jerusalem literally started with a blast, as the shofar sounded from the main stage in Pais Arena, calling God’s assembly to attention. The audience was ready to celebrate and each nation was excited to see its particular national flag ascend to the main stage. The loudest collective cheer and shouts sounded when Israel’s flag joined the host of nations, demonstrating the powerhouse of Christian love and support that the ICEJ can draw upon in its work for the Jewish nation.

Following the parade of nations and celebratory worship, ICEJ President Dr. Jürgen Bühler took to the stage to address the Feast Pilgrims. He drove home two powerful points in an expert manner: namely, the amazing reality that God has brought about in Israel and how diverse and multifaceted modern Israel society is today. This was cause for wonder over God and deeper appreciation and understanding of what makes up modern-day Israel.

The Feast’s “Dare to Dream” theme was underscored by reviewing the amazing path that Israel has traveled from a beleaguered pioneer nation to a modern nation state, even to the amazement of those Israelis who have witnessed the nation’s history from its inception 1948. Psalm 126, “When the LORD restored the fortunes of Zion, we were like those who dream,” underscores that this is an amazing God-powered reality that has been brought about by the Lord as Israel’s fortunes have been restored. This is a personal encouragement for Christian believers to align their plans with God’s plans and dream dreams that give room for God’s power and faithfulness to be displayed.

Based on Exodus, chapter 28, Dr. Jürgen Bühler then went on to give a profound yet accessible introduction of the mosaic that makes up Israeli society today. Using the priestly breastplate as a model for Israel’s twelve tribes, the audience were introduced to twelve population groups, each unique in their own way and spanning an astonishingly broad spectrum of religious, ethnic and secular groups. He suggested that Christian’s adopt one of these modern-day “tribes” for prayer.

Dr. Jürgen Bühler also mused on the fact that even this nation’s atheists are unique. They do not believe in God, yet in the words of famous author Amoz Oz consider themselves “Atheists of the Book.” They do not believe in the spiritual, yet 40% of Israel’s atheists fast on Yom Kippur – the day of atonement.

In this manner, Dr. Jürgen Bühler caught the audience’s attention and used the Bible and past and contemporary history to give a highly effective lesson on where and what Israel is today.

With a great conclusion to the first night at the Pais Arena, many pilgrims left with a great expectation for what God will continue to speak to them during the rest of the week.

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