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NEW - Discussion on Dr. Billy Graham

Discussion - Dr. Billy Graham

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Dr. Billy Graham

The Moving of the American Embassy

Aliyah-The Return of the Jews to the Land

Malcolm Hedding Debates a Rabbi

Replacement theology

The Archangel Michael and the end times

The Jewishness of Jesus

The Balfour Declaration

The Lesson of the fig tree

Was Hitler a Christian

Are Jewish believers still Jewish?


Anti-Semitism on Campus

Apartheid Week On Campus

Malcolm Hedding on anti-Semitisim

Anti-Semitic Jews?

Yad Vashem Swedish Bus


Malcolm Hedding War Against Jews

Role of the church


Anti Israel Drives

Pro Israel Legal Action

Malcolm Hedding Missionizing in Israel

Canada's Anti-BDS Vote

The Logistics of a two-state solution

The UN, Canada and Israel

Is Israel an agressor

Inside Sodastream Part 1

Inside Sodastream Part 2

Building in Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem A Provocation

Are Both Sides Equally to Blame in the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict


The Ben Gurions' Desert Home Sde Boker

Spiceway Part 1

Spiceway Part 2

Canada Park Israel

Museum Israel Independence

Kibbutz Elrom near border Syria

Galilee Worship Boat and Teaching

Quarter Cafe in Old Jerusalem

Ramat Negev Regional Council

Yad Vashem Introduction

Neot Kedummin Olive Press

Neot Kedummin Introduction


Beatitudes Visit

Christian Pilgrims Baptized in the Jordan River

Christian Pilgrims at the Chuch of the Nativity

Magdala First Century Port Marketplace

Introduction to Magdala

Magdala - Synagogue And Bema Stone

Western Wall 2016

Christ Church Jerusalem


Holocaust Lessons

Rev. Malcolm Hedding Questions Discussion with Youth

Stand With Us Part 1

Stand With Us Part 2

Rev. Malcolm Hedding Restoration of Israel to the land of Canaan

Giulio Gabeli Rabbinical or Biblical Judaism

Giulio Gabeli Yeshua, the Hebrew Name of Jesus


Holocaust Survivor Speaks

Making Aliyah

Dominiquae Bierman The Name of Messiah

ICEJ Jerusalem Volunteer Tobias

Shmuel and Chana Veffer's Aliyah Story

Galilee Green Shmuel Veffer and Nili Abrahams

Aaron Leibowitz Jerusalem City Council Member

Rev Dr Canon Andrew White Part 1


Rabbi Baruch Bierman Women in the Church


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