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NEW - Inside Israel Episode 17

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Inside Israel - Episode 17 In honour of Holocaust Memorial Day, we hear from the Christian Friends of Yad Vashem; Haifa Home for Holocaust Survivors resident Manya Hermann; And we hear the testimony of Rita, a Holocaust Survivor


Inside Israel - Episode 16 On this program: A Christian couple shares on Israel; A visit to Israel’s biblical land reserve; Celebrate communion at the Garden Tomb


Inside Israel - Episode 15 A visit to the Marketplace of the first century port, Magdala—also the historic site of the first Roman battle against the Jewish revolt; A panel examines the question: in what ways are the Jews of today different than the Old Testament Israelites? And we visit Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Memorial


Inside Israel - Episode 14 Today: A visit to the Marketplace of the first century port, Magdala, also the historic site of the first Roman battle against the Jewish revolt; A panel discussion; A visit to Yad Vashem


Inside Israel - Episode 13 On This Program: Our young adult panel discusses the question “Is Jerusalem the Capital of Israel”: Mali’s story; A story of faith, rescue and survival; A visit to Capernaum


Inside Israel - Episode 12 Today: Meet the Soler Family, an inspiring story of selfless love, giving and blessing; Our studio panel discusses questions about Zionism; A miracle testimony of healing & Aliyah update


Inside Israel - Episode 11 On This Program: A panel discussion about the Palestinians seeking to sue Britain over the Balfour Declaration; A visit to historic Magdala, a first century port; A Galilee testimony


Inside Israel - Episode 10 Today: Experience the art of Merv Watson, Canadian founder of the ICEJ; Part 2 of panel on Israel support; A visit the church of Beatitudes


Inside Israel - Episode 9 On this Program: Malcolm Hedding addresses anti-Semitism; A visit to independence Hall in Tel Aviv; A panel discussion on why we support Israel


Inside Israel - Episode 8 Today: A panel discussion explores the ongoing peace process and an Israeli land swap with Palestinians & a visit to the Garden Tomb


Inside Israel - Episode 7 On this program we visit the Church of the Nativity, Capernaum and Canada Park, and a panel discussion explores the question: Is evangelical Christian support for Israel harming Palestinian Christians?


Inside Israel - Episode 6 Today we visit the City of David and a Kibbutz on the Golan Heights, following a deadly attack by Hezbollah. Our Young adult panel explores the question of how Christians can bless and support Israel


Inside Israel - Episode 5 On this program…Visit to the City of David, a panel discussion about the diversity of Israel and Ethiopian Jews return home.


Inside Israel - Episode 4 Today…..A visit to the City of David, young adults discuss Biblical Zionism, and ICEJ India’s Director’s miraculous healing!


Inside Israel - Episode 3 On this program……Author and Pastor Giulio Gabeli continues his testimony and our panel discusses the question "Why do the members of the youth panel support Israel?


Inside Israel - Episode 2 On this program……Author and Pastor Giulio Gabeli shares his testimony and we continue the discussion with members of the Inside Israel team


Inside Israel - Episode 1 Today meet members of the team behind “Inside Israel” who lead ICEJ Canada and a panel discussion on: “Is Evangelical Christian Support for Israel Hurting Palestinian Christians”

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Inside Israel - Episode 326 A lesson about Yeshua, the Hebrew name of Jesus; A teaching about Zionist movements from Rabbi Jarrod Grover, a leading voice for Conservative Judaism


Inside Israel - Episode 325 Theologian Malcolm Hedding discusses the history of Christian Zionism; The evolution of a fabric store in the Christian quarter of Old Jerusalem since before the birth of Israel


Inside Israel - Episode 324 A walkthrough at the memorial cave at Yad Vashem; Theologian Malcolm Hedding discusses a shared history between Christians and Jews


Inside Israel - Episode 323 A lesson about the almond tree from the Biblical Landscape Reserve in Israel; From his heart… A messianic Jewish Reverend discusses the controversial topic of Christian missionizing to Jews A visit to Duc In Altum, dubbed ‘the most unique spiritual center in the holy land’ Two professors discuss: Israel Apartheid Week on campus


Inside Israel - Episode 322 Understanding the concern of Missionizing Jews; Connecting the Church with Israel—The history and heart of the international Christian Embassy


Inside Israel - Episode 321 A visit to the historic House of David Ben Gurion; A Jewish columnist addresses the question of “anti-semitic Jews”


Inside Israel - Episode 320 A theologian educates on the Restoration of Israel according to scriptural promise and prophecy; The friendship between Christians and Jews in the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus)


Inside Israel - Episode 319 A lecture on The significance of the Book of Romans and why it was written; An overview of anti-Semitism in the Churches


Inside Israel - Episode 318 Establishing Ethiopian Jews in their Homeland; A Panel discussion: Building in Judea, Samaria and E. Jerusalem: Is it a provocation?


Inside Israel - Episode 317 xperience a tour featuring biblical living inside Kibbutz Sede Eliyyahu; Ethiopian Jews arrive home


Inside Israel - Episode 316 A panel discussion on boycott and divestment drives against Israel An interview with an Ethiopian doctor being trained with Save a Child’s Heart


Inside Israel - Episode 315 A look at Campus hate against Israel and the question of “who is driving it?”; Prophecy being fulfilled through Aliyah: the French Jews come home to Israel


Inside Israel - Episode 314 A lesson about Yeshua, the Hebrew Jesus; A Panel discussion on: What should the Role of the Church be with regards to Israel; Life in Judea today.


Inside Israel - Episode 313 A prophetic word for Israel from Malcolm Hedding; A Rabbi teaches about what the Spirit of Jezebel means; learn how scripture inspire ZAKA in Israel.


Inside Israel - Episode 312 A Teaching on the Missionizing of Jews; We visit Save a Child’s Heart Childrens’ Residence in Holon Israel. 


Inside Israel - Episode 311A visit to the Jewish museum and archives of BC; Our panel discusses Anti-Israel Drives on Campus – An Educational Outlook


Inside Israel - Episode 310A Rabbi frankly discusses tough issues about women in the Church; A panel discussion on the direction of Canada’s support for Israel


Inside Israel - Episode 309A special edition Inside Israel: An interview with the Executive Director of Hillel at the University of British Columbia about campus anti-Semitism & A visit to Yad Vashem.


Inside Israel - Episode 308Featuring a panel discussion on “Should Israel surrender the Golan Heights”; A visit to the Jaffa Gate; A lesson on anti-Semitism, & French Jews come home!


Inside Israel - Episode 307A panel discussion on Canada’s vote against boycotts, divestment and sanctions.
A trip to Independence Hall in Israel, a lesson about the identity of Messiah…


Inside Israel - Episode 305A visit to Tel Aviv, the City of Celebration; Pastor Gabeli Teaching; a visit to Yad Vashem with Chava’s moving story of survival - it is with deep sadness to announce that Chava, one of the first residents of the Home has recently passed away. 


Inside Israel - Episode 304A Special Edition of Inside Israel on the Life & Times of Pastor Ernie Culley and a Visit to Magdala with Father Meehan;


Inside Israel - Episode 303Featuring Mordechai’s Story; Panel Discussion on anti-Semitism within the Jewish Community; Pastor Gabeli shares on the New anti-Semitism 


Inside Israel - Episode 302Ethiopian Aliyah: Panel Discussion" “Are both sides to blame”; Jewellery Art & Design; & Pastor Mark Biltz on the Blood Moons, what happened?


Inside Israel - Episode 301An Interview With the Vicar of Baghdad on the Plight of Christians in Iraq and Syria; A Visit to Save A Child’s Heart Foundation at Wolfson Medical Center in Tel Aviv; & Pastor Giulio Gabeli.

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Inside Israel - Episode 226New archeological findings from Magdala in the Holy Land-- including the oldest carved menorah and an altar of sacrifice; A Rabbi speaks on what the role of women in churches should be.


Inside Israel - Episode 225A Lesson on Israel’s Calling;A visit to Yad Vashem; And an interview with the Chief Political Correspondent of the Jerusalem Post


Inside Israel - Episode 224A Bishop addresses the identity of the Jewish Christ; A moving story about Rita: A holocaust survivor’s account of her heritage and dreams; And…a Jerusalem City Hall Councilor makes Aliyah to Israel from America


Inside Israel - Episode 222Confirming the Origins of the Gospel; A view of the City of Jerusalem from the Western Wall; A Canadian couple who made Aliyah


Inside Israel - Episode 221Magdala, a First Century town where Jesus taught. Best selling author Robert Spencer discusses Israel and Iran; The Vicar of Baghdad, Rev. Dr. Canon Andrew White declares Israel as the safe haven for the Middle East.


Inside Israel - Episode 220A visit to Christ Church in Jerusalem; a lesson on the Resurrection with Rev. Juha Ketola; and the marvel of the olive, from biblical history to your kitchen.


Inside Israel - Episode 219Rev. Malcolm on “the war against the Jews”; we go inside Soda Stream, a company under BDS; and take a tour of the desert home of Ben Gurion


Inside Israel - Episode 218Visions for Israel: a powerful interview with the Director of Revive Israel Ministries; an educational trip to the Negev Desert Research and Business Centre; and Part 2 of our interview with Stand-With-Us Director Michelle Rojas-Tal, in Jerusalem.


Inside Israel - Episode 217A teaching session on the first Gentile church [A Journey Where Jesus Walked] with Dr. Juergen Buhler and Rev. Malcolm Hedding; a trip to independence Hall in Tel Aviv and Part 1 of an interview Michelle Rojas-Tal, Director of Diaspora Education, Stand-With-Us, Jerusalem.


Inside Israel - Episode 216A report on the EU’s labelling guidelines concerning Israel; a discussion about anti-Semitism on campus with Christine Williams and a conversation at the Quarter Cafe in Jerusalem


Inside Israel - Episode 215A visit to Magdala in the Galilee, with a teaching on the “bima” stone; two Canadian Professors speak out about Israel Apartheid Week on Campus; an Interview with Donna Holbrook and Palestinian Arabs at Soda Stream and a trip to Canada Park.


Inside Israel - Episode 214A look into the origins of the Gospel; a Holocaust Survivor tells her story through her artwork, and our Panel discusses the question: Is Zion all about Scripture and God


Inside Israel - Episode 213Our Panel discusses Church BDS drives against Israel, Dr. Susanna Kokkonen speaks on Lessons from the Holocaust, and we visit Israel’s Bible Preserve with flowering almond trees.


Inside Israel - Episode 212A study on the Jewishness of Jesus, our Panel investigates; is it enough for Christians to love Israel because the Bible says so? Ministry on the Sea of Galilee worship boats with Daniel Carmel


Inside Israel - Episode 211Rev. Juha Ketola visits the Church of the Nativity Bethlehem asking “Who is this Jesus”, Rev Malcolm Hedding speaks on the scourge of anti-Semitism today with the Panel Discussion “Should BDS be outlawed"


Inside Israel - Episode 210David Parsons speaks about the persecution of Christians in the Middle East; Rev. Malcolm Hedding - Should Christians be missionizing in Israel?; A message of love in the startup of a home for Holocaust Survivors


Inside Israel - Episode 209Rev. Malcolm Hedding teaching on the Restoration of Israel to the land of Canaan; Panel Discussion on the Logistics of a Two State Solution; A look at the unique art of ICEJ Jerusalem Canadian Co-Founder, Merv Watson


Inside Israel - Episode 208Donna Holbrook, ICEJ Canada Nat'l Exec. Director shares from the heart regarding Israel's outstanding initiatives; Panel Discussion - "Sunnis, Shi'ites fight each other, but they agree Israel has no place in Mideast; Nitsana Darshan-Leitner - Bankrupting Terrorism, One lawsuit at a time; A trip to 'Bible Lands Museum"


Inside Israel - Episode 207Donna Holbrook, ICEJ Canada Nat'l Exec. Director shares from the heart regarding 'Simchat Torah'; Panel Discussion "Is Zionism Inseparable from Scripture?"; Dr. Juergen Buehler, ICEJ Nat'l Director Reports on the Holocaust and Antisemitism at Yad Vashem; Reaching today's youth with the Gospel and the truth...


Inside Israel - Episode 204A scriptural reflection on the calling of Israel and the Jewish people...A Panel discussion on "is it enough for Christians to love Israel because the Bible said so?"....and a word to ICEJ from Prime Minister Bengamin Netanyahu


Inside Israel - Episode 205A lesson about Israel's history and the restoration of Jews to the Land.  Israel President Reuven Rivlin delivers a message of blessing at the Feast of Tabernacles.  Panel discussion on "missionizing in Israel:  A Spiritual threat to Israel as warned by Chief Rabbis


Inside Israel - Episode 206Donna Holbrook, ICEJ Canada Nat'l Exec. Director - Shares from the heart - Her experience in Hebrew Class; Josh Reinstein, Director of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus; Panel Discussion "Is Zionism all About Scripture and God?"; Rev. Malcolm Hedding - "The War Against Jews"


Inside Israel - Episode 201"A visit to the Sea of Galilee, A Historic tour to the Garden Tomb, A special Embassy report on Aliyah: the Return of the Jews to Israel "


Inside Israel - Episode 202"A trip to the Golan Heights Kibbutz following an attack by Hezbollah, An inside look with a former Finnish member of Parliament about the early Russian Aliyah process with Dr. Ula Jarveleto and … A word from Jerusalem in Living Life Abundantly with Rev. Samuel Rodriguez"


Inside Israel - Episode 203"A visit to The Mount of Beatitudes, Experience live Baptisms in the River Jordan, then .... Come With us to The Church of The Nativity with Rev. Juha Ketola"

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Inside Israel - Episode 16"Look at Jerusalem and the City of David; ICEJ's outreach within Israel and Muslim Countries"


Inside Israel - Episode 15"Yad Vashem & Holocaust Survivors; Pastor Umar Mulinde - Muslim turned Christian attacked with acid; Stephen Khoury Arabs ministering to Arabs"


Inside Israel - Episode 14"Jewish living within the West Bank; Save a Child's Heart Israeli free medical care for Arabs"


Inside Israel - Episode 13"Interview with ICEJ West Director; Shabbat at a Rabbis home; City of David New discoveries; Bomb Shelter donations near Gaza; Anti-Semitism"


Inside Israel - Episode 12"Pool of Siloam; A look at the return of the tribes to Israel; Jewish and Christian Relations in Israel compared to North America"


Inside Israel - Episode 11"Aliyah - the return of the Jews home...A Canadian Composer and violinist shares her story and an Arab Pastor ministering in Bethlehem and Gaza in the midst of death threats."


Inside Israel - Episode 10"A word from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; a Visit to Israel's Canada Park; prophetic word from the City of David; a message about Harvest time from Suzzette Hattingh; Dedication of Operation Lifeshield Bomb Shelter"


Inside Israel - Episode 9"What does the blessing of Abraham mean to the Church and why is the Church called to support Israel, plus a Messianic leader, David Silver shares his vision and heart from Mount Carmel."


Inside Israel - Episode 8"Stories of faith, a trip to the Sea of Galilee with our ICEJ Canada Team and how archeology today is proving the truth of the Gospel"


Inside Israel - Episode 7"A visit to Canada Park in Jerusalem; onto the Biblical Reserve Neot Kedumin and part 3 with Rick Wieneke and The Fountain of Tears"


Inside Israel - Episode 6"Pastor Giulio Gabeli on the Church relating to Israel & the Book of Ruth, interview with sculptor Rick W continues on the Crucifixion and the Holocaust & learn about the olive tree"


Inside Israel - Episode 5Donna Holbrook on Christian support; Meet Joanna Maissel of Neot Kedumin; A visit to the Garden Tomb; Interview with artist Rick Wieneke in Arad.


Inside Israel - Episode 4An Interview with ICEJ’s Media Director; A look at global Aliyah; A Visit to the Chab Boys’ Orphanage and Petting Zoo.


Inside Israel - Episode 3Why Christians support Israel; Tour Ein Gedi Botanical Garden and Kibbutz; Moving testimonies; A Lesson on the almond tree and hyssop bush.


Inside Israel - Episode 2A lesson about Antisemitism; A Visit to Yad Vashem; A Holocaust Survivor tells her riveting story though her artwork.


Inside Israel - Episode 1Davidic Worship in Jerusalem; A walk through the Old City of David; Meet an Arab Muslim volunteer chef at the Holocaust Home.


Magen David Adom - Operation LifeShield
ICEJ Canada


Chabad Orphanage Boys Home / Petty Zoo - Part One


Arise - Young Adults Ministry and Feast of Tabernacles


Media Coverage in Israel


ICEJ's Expansion
into Muslim Countries


Christian Persecution


Holocaust Home;
Haifa Community Center and Nicole Yoder


Aliyah and The Feast of Tabernacles


Founders and Christian Friends
of Yad Vashem


International Christian Embassy Jerusalem 35th Anniversary

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